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Who Shall Be Judge Of Probete?

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Ty tuk Ew i R o; tce '■ kgi a ■ I was plcasod tó ■ ïo in jour last s. sui-, a reply to ttie ttreckiuridge and Linoohi sliert of Vpsilanti, in refereuce to tlio attack iiiade bj t! al. sheet upon Daniui, Hixos, Kh]., ihc candidate of the icracj Judge of Probate of tb ia couuty. Danh-i. IFixon Ii-aa resided in Aw conHty over tbirty yyari. Ho hax fillcd the office of a inagtslrafe over twenty years, be bas been a uiembcr of tho Sonate and House of Roprcseifativcs of tliis Stato more terms than auy Hln in the eounty save t!ie Kun. Jambs Kixgsljsy. IIo is Dot unly familiar with the lawa of this State by rcason of helping maie theui, but by constantly using tbem, and when the people of this eounty know that the duties of a Judge of Probate are wbolly defiaed and governed by tlo laws of the 1 State upon tho statute book, it is uscless ; and idlc to teil tlicm tliat none but a law yer can or should oecupy that positioh. Mr. Hixon is a man of rare qualifications for tliat position, and I venture to say there are not iivu mon in tbo couuty of Wiisbtenaw bitter qttalified for the office ; a man of liberal and comprehensivo views, of striet and urumpcachable integrily, a man who would protect the rights of the widow and the orphan from the land sharks tliat would prey upon them by charging illegal and unwarrantable fees, a man whose whole life has been passed among the yeomanry of the county, and whoso ideas and sympathies will be with the class wJio will most have business before tho Probate Court ; and not a man whose ouly claim to the ofiic-u is, tliat he has been admitted to practico before somc court, but who has not duriog his residence in the State, made auy speeches before the Circuit Court of the eounty of Washteuaw, and bas ncver takcu the responsibility of trying a caso without somc competent person to set at his elbow and dietate the proceedings; and whose whole existence has been ideutified with the inhabitants of some seven by nine village, who never kucw the wants nor could ever appreciate a feeliug iu common with the widow or the orphan children of a farmer in the ejanty of Washtenaw in case of his decease ; and still he is to bc elccted to an office of more importance to the farmer, his wife and drej than all the other ofiicos in the County put togetker, and sinyf; on the ground lic 'claims to be a lawyeh. What a reeommendation for tliis particular office? The truth of tlic vvliole matter is: it is a scrainble among Lawyers to get the office to feather their nests bv filehing from the estáte of dceeased persons, under the protenoo tliat the law allows fces to the amount in onc caso which I now resollect of over two hundrod dollars, and in another case of a deceased Germaa's estáte of onc handred and seventy or eiglity I dollars and other like charges. I would licre say if the law doas allow suoh charges, it is nothing more nor less than legalized robbei y, aud ought and should be altered at onca, but for one I don't believe it, but do believe it has been" done in violation of law and every principie of right and justice, and it behooves the farmers of tliis couuty to look well to the subject and to placo one of your own body n the oflice, as a sentinel to watch and gaard tlioir cstates for the next four years to come, and so on until this legalized robbery of estates under the pretence of eharging the amount as fees is done away with. I havo extended theso remarks further than I intendod, but I could not say less. I have had experience in this matter, and costly experience, and if any farmer in the couuty of Washtenaw, Demoerat or Republican, does not know or believe the statemunts in regard to the enormous charges made upon estates by "Lawycrs,''' let liim consult the Records of this county and he will find abundant proof of the truth of what is herc stated. A Farmer. Lodi, Sept. 12, 1860. idÈf Tho Kepublicans say that there las heen an élèotion n Maine, and that ;hey have elected their State ticket by n increased mnjority, and carried all tho Congress'unal districts ; and wo are nelined to thiuk that, despite their usual practice, they teil the truth. We have heard from Maine. S3T The Ypsilanti Hetald "undertands" thatoggs were thrown, at Ann Arbor, od the occasion of Stuart's late peech. The Ann Arbor papers don't 'underetand" any euch circumstance. Ihe Eaquirer "understands" tho saine hing, and requests us to copy. It is cloarly : case of "understrinding" under difficulties, whcre " distance lends" oggs "to the view." - Grand Rniñds Eagle. If the Eagle editor had road the Ann Arbor papers very closely be would have seon that they did ''understand" that just "such circumstance" did occur, and while Mr. Stuart was spenk ing. The Kopublican Mayor reoeived notice of the villainous transaction, by getting the1 spatterings of one of the eggs, and óifioially offerod S2ó roward for the discovcry, urrest, and conviction of the cgg-throwers. JJ" At the Democratie Convention for the Seoönd Rdpröentative district lield on thu Ist inst., the follöwiog gentlemen were appuinted a district niittoe for the ensuing two yeara : Messrs. H. J, Beakes, J. J. Parshal], John Ryan, and Morgan O'Brien. jL3g" T')e Brinoe of Wales has boen hftving "a gay oltl time" with the Orangemen, but the diffiouHiès are nów c(;nsidered settleq, the ürangemen having ut least lempururily caved. IAt the Represiiiitative Convention of tho 3d district, held at Saline on Saturday last, tlie folluwing gentlemea wm-ü appointed a district committco for the ensuing two yeara : Nkwmax Grancv.v, of Manchester; Thos. L. IIimi'hnKTjir-E, of Saliiv; nivl SI. V P-rf,Ai.t., oi BriSêeTvater; !