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"I Wish I Had Capital"

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JÜiíljifiíin rps. 8o I tjeard a great 8'.vu "i!:g voung ' man es el aún tíie othei1 d-iy. I iS'ul ! wanttotell hún a spieu t m; miml so bud, Uut ril jut rite il lo bhn. You want capi'u!. do y.-u? Añil ' posa ym hiú whai yon c-ill onpitul whut woukl yero Jo nriüi vJ? Yuu waut onjiiiiil! huvut you ur';. hunëuand fet uncí bmly, íuiI niuclc, and bono,! and bnii:; itnd don't yon cali them capiiíil? Wliut rniru capital dned God give lo aüvbodyV Oh, but they aro uot nioDey Bay you. But they aru inore thim monoy. If yon use tliein they ííi'H inako money; nobody c;:;i tako thum írotn you. Doo't you knovv how to uo tbert.P If you don't it i high timtí you ero loariiinp:. Take hoiil oí' thu íirtít plow, or hoa, or jackplnno, or bi'oud ax tiíat yuu can Bnd, ttnd go to work. Your capital wili Boon yieiü you a large interest. Ave, thare's the ru; you don't want to work; you want inoney or credit Ihut vou nuiy play the genlletnRO or specuIate nnd end by piaying the vaguooad; or you want i plantaüon and negrous, that you raay hiru an overseer to atteml them, whüe you run abotit over tho country and diBsipHte, or gut in debt; or you want to fnarry soma rich girl who inay bu ioolish enough to tako you for your fine clutbes and goud looks, tliat sha mfiy support yoa. Shaino upon you, young man! Qo to work vwth the capital you havo, and you'll soon n:ake interest enough npon it and with it to give you as much money as jou want, nnd enough to niake yu ioel iiko a man. Ú you can't make tnoney upon what capital you have, you couldn't make 'tí. if you had a million uf dollars in ir.oney. If you don't kuow bow to use bone, and inusclo, and biUtins, you woulU not know how to use gold. If you Iet the capital yon havo lie dio and waste, and i rust out, it wüüld be the sanio thing with you if yoju Imd gold - you would onlv know iinv to waste. Then do'.i't Bland u,b,iJ, like a givat fcelpless child, waïting for Bomebody to come in and li:id yon, but go to work. Take the fist woik you can find, no matter what it is, so tliat you be eurjB that you do it as Billy Grav did bis druniiiiing - well. Yus wbatover you undertake, do ii we!); a!aysdo whnt i-s best. It you manage the capita! you already havo, you wijl soon havo plenty more to manage; but if you can't or wont trianage the capital God bas givfva you you w 1 1 1 never have any other to mannge. Do your he:;r, young man?