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Swear Not

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I can coneoive oí no reuson vvtiy a man slioukl swear ; but cf ten rausons why ie should not : It is mean. A man of high moral standing would almost as aoon steal a shoep as swear. It is vulgar - altogether too low for a dpcent man. It is cowardly - implying a fear eithor oí not being believed or oboyed. It ÍS ung-entlemauly - a gentleman according to Webster, is a gonteel man well bred, refined. Sucha a ono will no more swear, than no into the street to throw mud with a clod hnpper. It is indeeent - offensive to delicacy, and extremely unfit ior human ears. It is fooolish. "Want of ducenoy is wunt of sense." It is abusivo - to tho mind which con ceives the oath, to the tong u e which iitters it, and to tbe persou to whoin it is aimed. It is venomotH - showng a man's heart to be a net oi' vipers, and uvcry time ha swoars one of thcm sticks out hib licad. It is coutemptible - forfeitlpg the respect of all the wisc and good. It is wicked - violating the divine law, and provoking the displeasure of Him who will nol hold him guiltloss who takes bis Dame in vain.