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Salt And Fence Posts

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-A pondent of N. H. Journai of Agriadluró says: I have just been to examine soine thut I set thirty or thirty-one years ago. I found theui all sound aud erect. '1 bat is, I tricd every oue of thom, and found thein to stand' firra. They are white oak, about uve and a half inoh'ee square, with the part set in the ground unshaved. - After setting, I bored into each about throe inohea above the ground, with a two inch augur, at an augle of about 45 degrees, and filleil the hole with aalt, and plugged it up. ïheplugs are all io, and the posts look as sound as wheu Bot. 1 put in about one lialf a pint of Balt to a post. As I tried none without salt, I oannot say whether it was the salt or aomethiug else that preservod the posts.