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A Powerful Blow

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tho guano pauket Josupbino, now at the wharf, tho swonl of a sword-fisk was diseovered, broken off iu tho huil of tlio vesscl, undcr its cuiintor, md about four faet fonvard from the ruddor post, it having passod throivgh tho coppor, the felting, and a threo tnefa oak plank. - Ju4guig i'rom the size of the weapou, where broten off, it raust havo ponetrated sonic 15 or 18 inohea iuto tho soU4 wood-work ofwhich the stern i.scomposed Iu passing tlirough tho oak plank, tbe sword opened quito a lurge crack, which, had it boen in any othor part of tho vet;sol would have caused a eerious loak. - The force with which the fi:h struck the brig must have boen terrino, llow mauy vossuls foundor from the attacks of these powerful and destructivo fishoswill novor be known, bat it is probable tliat not a. few aro lost from tliis cauác uloue. In most cases, iu attaoking ships, thoy ïuistake them for wlialcs or othnr marine