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Arrival Of The Steamship Jura

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(iiebi-c, Bftt. 17. Tho i .T ::■, fföftl Live at r.non ■! ih? tHh, via LoídMfirry on tiiü fvcnin;. if ii.u 7ili, tia un at t'.is ;. ri Q;í Biütain. - Ttie wenihur continuad confcp:iHlivily iin thrutiihui E igland ihkI liti :ini, uní! tho ii:irve1 proapcctA werw mort! pi eiiiisrng, Rhi h ft bUoynnt mllonuo o:i th fan !n. Sii.i!vir Srncliir & 0-., tinon faotorsof I,')i].lon hiivp usijHndtnl piiyment. - 'l'heir wbiÜtrei src eatirnated at L50,OUO. lt NVrt.- fuiired th'at tfaoir wil) lead to thnt ol othorsinall firmA in the samo triuio. Tho Quecn gjes tu öermany on tho 2itli September. Naplb. - A FTaploR telegram c.f tho 6th announces the arrivííl ol Öaribatcli and liis forciM al rfulorno. llu wns tsxpected al Naples iminediutely Tho dinpateh n'so f:iys ibe King wil] lea Vu her? fur öaeta. E ght Sardinian war ressels wero n the bay of Naploe with two regiments Of Beisayliers on board. Tho Britiah steiMnor Orwaü, w' tsh wns ti.kon p.'e--i')ii o{ ly the (...ii balclians, hiid baun recapturud by tho Englinh wurstea'uer Scylta. G'öi';baldi wns heard f at Pálini marchiHg apon Salerño, bting sujipDri t'd on t'no rigbt wing by tíun Cöecniu 4,000 men um er Qn. Tira had liisem barkcd t Onpri; Insurrcot.on ha broköu ut Bt S-.A.i, who.e Violo Emunue! was proclaimed. It was reportéd ihat the Austria! Minister ui Naples had telegraphód t Viennu tlnit thu Iving of Naplus biid re solved to quit his State. The pioture nnd furniiuro ot' the palace and tb King'3 baggage wero embarkedon tb 5th m board a Spanish vesse!, Otti er anthorities aftirni tliat tlio King ha adoj.ted lbo desperate policy of no aur render, and wouid Dot leavo till the las extremity. When Edward Jamei, Membor o Parliument, paéned through Parid, i. was reoeivud by Julos Parre and óth ers. He ataled ttíat ho wus g"inji to pee GaribalJi, and Lord Palmerstoo had authorized him to teil bim that b (Pulmerston) considere d thst Garibuld would cQmpromise all bis succcss by ai iinmediate uttacic uou iiorae or Vu net ia. ÖïRiA - It was again assered tha Chridli ins h:id boen mussacrud al Baai bec, and in a viiiage noar Bean Hl aci LiverporJ, S pt. lüi. - Breadüta ffs - Messrs. lv. Ö. & Co. report flour du!! nd all quiilities slightly lower. Jixtr Obio at !i88a28a bd. Wboai du .:1, auc lower si.'iuo Tuefdny. Oom Qjiet, auc 6d lower. Marton Brothers and M.idJocka1 re port.s aya wbeat is ii) slow demand at a dof'iae of 4d per Cdutal. Flour uot looked after, and must be quotcd lully 1 per bbl. and suck lower. Oats iu deinuud at about Tuesday prioeö. - Much ü.q'iiry for Iadiau coru at 6c leas money. Provisious quiut, and without mucb. cbango. An emeute had taken place at Liernora, and a more serkiua oue wus apprehended at Phillippoli Agitation continued to provail in Bo.-.nia and the Herzegovina, but the Sultan had ordered the Grand Vizier to return immediately without visiting these provitices. Francs. - Napoleon is reported to have assured M. Furini of h'.s sincerity to soe Italy iudependent. When ViJtor Emanuel shall be inuster of Sieily aud Naples, he vvill be strong euougli to coutend alone agaiast Austria, but ehould Austria prove victorious in a conflict, France would not allow her to abuso her victory. The Paris Botase ivas dtill and drooping. Tho rentes olased at67f 95c. It is ïeported that the Empresa is unveil and will not accompany the Emperor to Algeria. London Money Market - Tlio influx of gold to the Buok was easy and the money market was improved. The waather causecl firrnness in the fundí, but events in Italy cheeked uu advancing tendency. The market for inoney was moderate ; best bilis, 3 3 4 por cent, premium. Excentional cases a low as 3 per cent. The domaud at the Bank was light. Latest. - London, Friday 7lh - The New has recoived the foUowiog i-elejram : Naples, Tucidai, 1 f M.- Garibaldi arrived at öaleroo this morning;. and isexpocted at N plea rnmedlutary. it is aaid that the King wil! leave hera to-duy for Gaeta, The Intrepd returnd hore yosUrday froai Salarno. Edwin James, M. P., the Hon. Mr Ashley, M P., and otber Englishmon mre on lioard. A áardiuian vessel was on a visit to Garibaldi at Salcruo. The city of Naples was perfoctly tranquil, and the paople conducted themselves in a dignifiod mannor. Vury large ouantitics of wheat, barloy, rye and rape need hava recentlv been bought in Austria by French and Engüsh speculators. Another French line-of battle ship, the Alexandr, has ltft Toulon for Nupies. Tha salo of photographs of G-uribaldl is prohibited in Vioun;. The Timet city article, dated Thursday evening, says th Eüglish funds were without alteration thro..ghout the day. In the discount marbet thu chirnaud was agaiii litnitud at previdvw ate. No g(4d was tukou iiilo thu bank today. The correspondent of tho Daily News says Gen. Lamoricier's proclamation impones on the ijurdiaia Government the duty of watohing the frontiers, and of preparing to cross them, too, in case of necie.tsity. Tho Government is already collectin in that direction a forcé pf 0,000 inon.