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Lothrop And Granger

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Compiirisons are oftentimes considered odious, bilt are, neveitheless, sonie times necessary. And a caso of that kind we havo novv in hand. Frorn the State Neict, of last week, we quote the following paragraph : 'What qualifications has Lothrop for Oongressman that Judge Grangerdoes not posses3? He has no more legislativo oxpei'ience ; he has no betttr speaking talents ; his legiil knowledge s no moro extensivo ; and is not hall as íonest, politically." Admitting 4that Mr. Lothuop has no more legislativa esperionce than Mr Ghasger, what of the other qualiíioa ons callad in quest'on ? "He has no )ettcr speaking taloots," says tho Nctcs. Thousands of the people of this county íave heard Mr. Lothrop at the bar, and other thousan'ls havo heard both Mr. Lotheop and Mr. Granoer on the tump, and we imagine thut not on f the thousands, unióse it be the writer n the New and Mr. Grangek, himself vur thouglit that Mr. Graxoer conld ompare vvith Mr. Lothkop as a epeak r. J[r. Lothuop has for rnany years njoyed the well-earned and deserved eputation of being one of tho best psakers in the Stato, either upoa politcal or general topics, and by hia logio nd eloquence al ways w iris praise even " ha fai'.s to tnaka convorts. Mr. j Gra.vqer has in rscent campuigns won he unenviublo reputatioa ot a stump bully, and his "spoaking taleni" conista- in noisy daoLun.ition ahtit principes, and bitter and reckless denunciaom of political opponents. He deghts in repuatingon every occasion, as we aro informad, "that no honent man can bu a deraocrat," - judging wo eup)ose by his own oareer before he joined he líepublieans for the sake of office ie conld not got as a Domocnit - aud ht the Democratie party is a party of 'thieves, robbers and cutthroats." If liis be true, it U evideneo oí eminent 'spoaking talent " Again,tha Newt says of Mr. Lotiirop, 'his legal knowledge i no more exten ive" than thutof Mr. GaAxaKR. Let us sae. Au uttornoy'u legal ubility and aequiremetita may bo safely tosted by lis practice and pisition. Mr. Lothbop has long biood in the vyry Vont ranks of ihe prufossion of the State, enjoying a reputation as i counellor rad pfeader rivalud by fuw, os.celed by none. In tho United States and State Cuiirts his services have long een eagerly sought and in great denand. 13usiuc88 men have retained liiin as their counso!, and public corporationi havo confidcd large interesta to his Ciirií, ft positive and satisfactory proof of "extensivo lega] knowludge." Has Mr. G-ranoer any Kuch certifiotiteti oí legal acquiiainents. Has ho ever attainnd ld any position as a lawyor ? DiJ lic ever, beiore his retirement frotn th o piofession to tho Probate Judgesliip - an office assignud him simply to infuse a ''littlo democratie baok-bone into the ticket" - aspire to anything above pettifoggÏDg in a justiue's court ? And did the public ever imagino that ho posseFsed "extensiva legal knowlertfiro" r.r.ti! to'.d bv the Ncvs 1 Thec muy bü dtfo:ned mpertiuent ouestiont, but Mi. Ghanoek kis tu tbatik h.raseif and tbe Neict for thfin. Aa lo prtütical honesty, tlio fnwer word Mr Gkanjkr's friends maks aboiit that tho botter. Mr. Lothrop ha a record of wl.ieh any man m;iy be prond. Ho has not been nu officeseokor, and has not fcuind it oececsary to chungo liiri politics for tbo sake 't f place. Had not the N(ws better drop ts comparison? and soücit votos for ts fuvonte on [.olilioal psuts alono? The Teaunseh lïerald and the Argus Tuo v.eeks igo wo copiad a pit ragraph f rom tho Tccumsch Heratd co:n niendatory of Hon. Gko. V. N. Loihrop, and attributed to thut journal more than ord!uiry candor for speaking thus: "Mr. LouiJtOP is onu al 'Lo most eloquent and talüated men n Michigan, and will doubiless be elected. We cm th'én boast of having one talented tneraber of Cangress." Con eercing this beuUüice the Herald Baya iu its issue of the 13th last : "Now, we will fiibiuit to any fnir tnindtd mfiu wuethur lia aoora, di:cli toe clip fron llio Midiigun Aryus.a Djniucnii. 10 paper pub lislu-d at Acu -irljor, ia uut traneouiiaing Ihi orüinary bjunds of ;vi!i part, sin eour.oej. Tbe lasi purt ol' tlie abovc [jarugrapu we did originally clip ,froin thii saiue Argus, m.ú jjava credit lor h ín order tliat our ruadsrd migbi fcnow wua; tbe Dmocruu i'hose to ay ui .üüir owa öaiuliditos, but in soting i up credit ecidentaily omilted SMll il was uut set up iuaded us original mat er but 6i)li'l 113 copied tualter slwu,) is, ni.d do ons cuuld l'ail tos ca thut tlie oi.iiftion uf rtüit was aa uTrsight tither of thu editor QI cumposiuor. Wiiru the AdriaD WatehUnesr plavfully aluded to it, we iiii not tlunlv ït wortil UiU to uutice t, but whuu the Aryua will coucvtit, for w iti;al effec;, to o;py ei suuuud uinu i s own worJs, and try tu palru tlu-iu off as the worda of atiother, wj ar at lusa wlini Ij say." Ourfriend ef tlie Horald s certsinly hiboring u"der a great mista ko. He eould not have ''originally'' cfipped tlo "last part of the above paragriph'-' - the sentenco quoted abovu - frpm this same Argus,''' for the simple reasou that it was neocr ia the Atiaus until cpiod from the cohunns of the Hi-rald We used no such lanamige in announcing the Domination f Mr. LóTnnoir, and first siaw tho ssntence in question, in the Hcrald, vshero it appeared amon other items bearing the e ar inark o. edtoriiils, and with nolhing to show that it was copied or its tone disup proved in the least. Had it been nn original item with the Argus t' o stricturee of the Herald would be jast, but as it ia we cannot see whera the "oidinary bounds of even partisan courtesy" wero transcended. P. S. We are confident that Mie paragraph in dispute e.tpresses a paipnble truth, even if its authorship is denied by the Herald.