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Missionary Ground

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-Judging from reports, the Township oí Lyndon s gpod Republienn tnissionary gro'ind. We aro advisod that two yóung sprigs of the luw, living notone hundrod milas fVom this City, had an nppriinttnertt to speuk in that Town on Sotuiday even ing last, nnd h;id nrranged at Chelsea for a deleg.ttion of Wido Awnkes. The raia carne down in mild quaptitieg, but the ardor of the Wide Avvakes was dampened and they didri't go. Tiie speakerp(?) wont, and on raaehing the school hoase found the doors closed, and darknoss and silence rcigning withn. Nary a soul was there, and the ardent young Ri)pub!ioan3 rcturned, ooavinced that "Jordán is a hard road to travel," but with an avowed determination to try it again. ILsT The Breckinridge party of this district had a conveation at Jackson on Monday and nominatad John D. Connelly, of Jackson, for Congres.", wlrieh nomiuation is made the subject of the A.dvertiser'è Tuosday morning leader. Mr. O. has won a nomination ; he wijl get about 6 votes in Jackson County, 3 in Washtenaw, none in J livingston, and not to esceed a twenty in Wayne.- Bishop says that'they only want Breekinridge men enough to hold tha Federal offices in event of auccoss. & Hon. G. V. N. Lotiirop, the Democratie nominee for Congresa in this district, spoke at Saline on Wednesday, and at Dcxtcr yesterday, and, if wo inay jiidge fmm appearances, to hirge audienoes. Mr. L goes next week to Jackson, and after spending soine time in that and Livingston Connties, will return and ppand the third week of October in this County. See his appointmenta in another column. XJ3C" are g'ai to chronicle the nornination by tha Democracy of the Third district - a portion of Wayno County - of Hon. Tuornton F. Bkodhead a8 their candidato for Senator. Mr. Bkodhsad was an active, working member oí the last eession, and thougii a member of a email minority wielde 1 an influence second to no other momber on the floor. He was confessedly the best parliamentarian in tho body, and could tangió up the presiding officer whun he chose or unruvel ugly knots with ease. He will be re elooted, and will make as good a legislator as w ili bave a soat in tho next Senate. Over Ooxfidüxt - The Aíwjt, of Tucsday, s:ys: ''Mr. Bakrt vrill get, as uiKil, nearly all the votes there are, and he ouglit to havo them." This smacks a üttUj ol the iïill Howard spirit when he adviied his friends to ecratch him if they must soratch anybody. Mr. Bahrt ie a cfJtnpetent and popular dfficer, and will make n good run, but the assei'tion that he will get ''nearly all the votes" is only made lor eitect, and is ''basoloss as tha visions of :t dream." Mr. Rouiso.v, the Democratie oan.did.ate, is ovory way qtialified to discharge tho duties of the office, has the entiro confidenoa of the party, and will got the full democratie vote. Such reckle.-s statements as that of the News are designed to stir up illfeoling and jealouics among the democratie nominees but ivill fail to accotnplish it ,