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-Iu a recent mnnlier of the Slic News, Lt%-vadus grew pathctio ! ovor a stak'iiiant mnnufaeturedby the Detroit Trtmm Üuü Mr. G. V. N. Lothi rop, the Damooratio èandidate for Congress in this difltriot recontly appealod to t:, e conductor of uno of the trainsofthe Michigan Cantral Railroad to eject from I a car ocoupied by him "threc hard-wor!;; n#, illy-clad kborers," boca use lio dis. 1 kcd their p.-oxiraity Jíased upon tliis ( falsohood, for we aro authorized to say any editor, spenker or scribblcr, who repeats (he charge, reps&ta an inf'amous lie, S7y-vadus asserts tliat ''.Mr, i Lonmop belnugs to ;i politica] party directly and pc reist en tly bostile to all the interosts of free labor and free laboréis." and tliat it is üatural that lic "Bhjuld look with supremo d:sda!n upon the honest, hardy laborer who earns liis bread by the sweat of hia brow." Taking tbs article frora which we have quoted as evulcnce. we might witli great show of truth ageert , that 6Vyvadu3 is a lineal djsoeadant of Ba;i!am's ass, but we wout. t! During the last weok Dodolas h;is been progiiing through New Yo.k. Lai'Lö C:'i)wt.l greetud hiui at ev ery -tation, a:d :it evury plauo appointed lor him to uwka a brief speech the voters congregit.ted by thouaanda t bear bim. Hjajpurocy i.-í on& continuad ovalion. Ho found bis mot her at Clif '.on Fpr'ngs, and publiely announced tha gratifying fuot so that bis Repab. Mean friendo need foei no inoro uicasiness on the goud lady's account. L3L" Tñe Djiuocrats of tho Village of Ann Arbor made a good rally ou Tuesday, and were addre-sed by Hon. G. V. N. Lothrop, Hon. James Kinosley, and othors. ïhey are wide-uwalce, and espect to give a good account of themselves ia tho coming battlo. Good. - In bid speech at the Village of Ann Arbor, on Tue-chiy. Mr. liOTur.op reqne.sted that no more pole r;vising, bj arranged for occasions when he was d to epeak. They intotfere with the speaking, and aro poor investinonts any fcow. U'S" That pole at the lowor Town h;is been raised and neud no longer disturb the dream-i of our Bopublican cotemporariei. It towars 160 feet towards the blue aich. E3T The body of Oapt, Jcun Wil sos, of the Lady Elgin, has buen recóvered, encased in an, elegant metalic coiDn, and brought to Coldwater for intermont. üno bundred and Jortythree bodios had been reuovercd at the Iute8t dite.