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Anticipated Flight Of Francis Ii

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Corresijüudcüceof tho Timos. Naples, Tuenduy, Augr. 28. 1860. Contrary rumora are aflon: - u the effect that the King will oave irnmediately for (iuata; anolhei", luss probable, that ha will head his' troops ld fitht for liis crown on the plêiea of Sulerno. On ÍSunday, his Mijesty appeantd much in pub'ie. In tiie morning he reoeived the Majors oí the twelvo lattahou.s of the National Guard, and urged upon tliuin, as Neapolitau citizens, the duty of' maintaioing urdar, and of avoidinif sbtKtdtDg oí blood. He re;nnuiöiided tht-ui toguard agains. all colusión with the military, as neilher he nor they oould be reslJollS.ble lor the consecuentes. In the aternoon both the Kinii and Queen drove thrrmgh the Bi viera di Uiiiaji, und whatever might Ij ivo been the feelings which promptöd 'u, thoy were wel] and re peutfully receivod. While taking iheir uvenin drive all the foreiga Ministère, except the Spanish, i.iet at th houso of the Coinmedatore di Martini , the Minister for Foroign ifiair, to discuss measurus ibr the proteetion of the city. I b;ii-vo the proposiiion to put the capital ander the protection of the Admiráis, duriflg tho crisis and to regard it as neutral, originated with the NoMpolitan Minister, and that Mr. Elliott was espeuidlly opposed to :t, üs ii violation of the principie of noointervention. It was, hovvever, I arn otlicially informed, finally agreed upon th;.t, in case ei a conti et, some terras slioiild be co:ne lo which would suve tljo city.