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The Horse Show

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We Tiaited the great Kalamazoo 'Or.e Show, we did. We went up on Thur-day, tayed until n'e saw ennugh, and then turned our (ace homeward The show was passable, goo&, prrhaps, very gcod, but vet we saw cothing to go into ecstaeies over. Aciit 175 horses were entered for exhibition including ome of the finest anuu'ils in the west Uut, the advertised stars of the show ilidn t perform accccrding to the bilis and the manageri will have to answr for a g.iod deal of profine curaing io consequence thereof - ao eaid his c-wr.trE- nnd tlx $10(;0 trot was indefinitely poatpon d The track wia in bad ordfr and cjullu't b b-tcjr.;d during the ehow - 80 said tfce managers - and Flora Témple and E'han All -n ocuid n-rt compel" for the $2fl00 purse uniil Saturdny al'ternoon_ As soon as the annoanoeinant waa made. whieh strange to say wai not expeoied by all. hundreds, ye thousati'is left for home, BWwir ing and fi.hting mad, and when you s;e such it don'l do to eay Kulumazoo to 'lum. We were not disappoiated, we expeoted the trot would be put off, it is a of all Horso shows to keep the crowd and get gute fee and a ncw set gei taken -n every year. Like Ihe "safe" and o:h?r "oonfidenee gaines ' it can a'.ways ünd viotiius Siiiov.sly, we very tnuch mis'akeif the Ae3ociution does not loso another year what it made by this ' sharp praotice;" the public is inclined to be t;ul ible but there is a limit. It would liava been honorable in he Astociatioc to h:ive redeenned ita pledgt'S, and wlmt hoiurable will ba found in the long run to beprofitab'e During our etny we were personally well treated by the officers of the A-suciation, and haTe to return our thanks for t heir coiirt.eay. Our old frieiid Puüttfplace of the Kulamazoo House, took us n lus special chargo, and to hira we are indebted for comfortable qurters - a thing hard to ob ain in sucli a crowd.