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Horse Premiums

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At tho Kaltuuuzuo Horse show, held last week, the following pri.i.iums were awarded to exhibitor trom this County. B Green, Aun Arbor, Stalüon for genera] uie,- "Henrv Cay"- fonr years olJ and under eight.aecond premium, $50 W H. Hawkins YpuUnti, mutched team - "Color and Major" -16 bands high.firat priinium, $100. B. Green, Ann Arbor gentlemnn's Eaddle horse- 'Glenoo ' - secur.d premium, $10. Washtenaw Cuunty is "sme ' on oattle end has (;ood horses. but hwsnever really tnk en tha ' fever," and conscquenlly dou't make the ame sh.w at Horse Fiiirs that uhe dota in State Fuirs. And tliis is well. JCX Tbat jolly young man, half EngHib, half Dutob. whorejoioea in the title of H.K. H. the Prinee of W ales, Baron Hen frew, and Botne half dozen other title henditary and cocferred, having complsteG the tour of h3 moiher's ouloaiea a;d üeêü loyally greeted by her subject, was to enter the üuited States, at Detroit, at ö o'oloek hut cve ring. Ilia stay in Detroit is limitad 'o a ■ingle riiglit, and this uiorning he is to leave for Chicago and the great West, via. tbe Michigan Central Kailroad. The preoious boy and hia uit of decfiyed old uoblfmen have been tíndered a special train, whicu will pasa the station in this City at 9 5.ï this morning, and thoss of our citizeus who chouse to be at the depot at that huur can see he oar which eunt&im a real, lire Prinoe if cot the Priuee himidf. Í& W. C. Vookheis, Esq ., of this City, ha placed on our tabie beautiful Dahlia8,cut from a single s'.ock, bu; all of diffcrtnt colors. One is a bright vermillion, a eeond the tanie color with a white center, a third has ívery leaf part vermilliun and part white with a doublé center, and the fourth approxitnates noarer to a white but with leaves all tinged with a lig-ht vermühon A lew days ago a Detroit paper noticed k.- & wonder two dififer nt colored Duhlias from .no Hook; it can now note this doublé wonder