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We ofti t!ds, exbnimted by ïoog ciiliivutinn, and Iti owd out tó resl and rep'lenish thoiróelva, ecvered with a henvy grov tb nf weed. Sq Ut f'roin renewing their euerg'es, such fielda arja becpmipg eshausted, and wil! continue to beeoroe more so, as long as the weeds are allow&d u run riot od them. No crep exhauets tbe 8oil inore f.ban a cm]) of weeds. Aclud and accurate experiraen's provo, that where the woeds : re allowed to grow with the erop, ihey djminish the erop at least one fourth. Thoy rob theearth of tb e food required tor the growtb of useful plant-, and wheo tb farmer turns his land out to rost mul n-tpienisli its ouorgio.s, he is biit exebangiog one kind of rop for a sti 1 woree one, if ho allows tba weeds to grow aad nuituro their eoeds. Bo important basthis mattnr become. in the viw of sscii'iUiñc agrkuiturists in Bogland ihat coarta are directing the attention of grand jurors to the subject; and Ibrcugb them are forcing tbc attention of tho public to this all tin portant mattor. The Insh K..ya Agricultura! Society bave resolved, "Tnat as a greut injury aribes to the farming claseee frorn the grow tb of weeds aloog side of the publio roads, svhose seeds that beiog al lowed to ripen and shed, aro spread over the adjoioing lands, and a circular bií iramediately addressed to the Grand Jurors of theseveral counties, soliciting them to givu directi'uis to thu Oouoty ïiui'vcyors to inake it imperativo upon ruad contractors to cut down and ramove all weeds, more partioularly this tíos, docks rag-weeds, before tho Int of Jnrïe and at sach other periodo in the as 11, y prevent their injurioas cffects to the í. moi-.'; The (1: i ; of biich a couráe is obv"ious to üny one who reflucts for a moment on the fact that tho seedsof we .- Is will lio in the ground for years without gorminating-, but as aoon as iho oartli is plowed for it erop, spring into existenc. No matter how clean our ticlcis arJ kopt, if the coraera o( the feneos are : 1lowed to be nurseries i'rom which a e s; ittered seeds from an annual supply of weeds. Every tbistle-top bas seeds enough to btock acres, nnd every hur or dock can furoish seeds íor a towi ehip. Let a war oí e;tcrmnaton thbn bo waged agaiost the pesia of the farmer. Mako uo trine with a thistle, doek or woed, and besides addiog one-fourth to t.ieumount of your erop, you ih give your faTir.s a ebanee to replenish. Wht Dwa'.f P:ars Bail.- The Country O'cid'enuiii givea fivo rcasons why dvrarfpead do not sueceed. As tliey aro ones, we give them for the beuefij of our readers: "First, bad - to comincncö with. 8econd, waut ra pruuing, and allowiiig tbem to grow vritb old, stunted wood 'l'hird, want of tultivation, and f.crmittÍDg weeda nml tPürt to grow about t!i i!r ro t.i; and not Eivitis them broadcast, mellow culturo - Fourth, want oí' nwnure; ii' the soil is poor ind its fcrtiütj is not renewed, tliey cannotflourish. Filth, a bad selection of sorts Any one of these causes will producá failare." Wo might add to tho above, that want of thoroogh drainage aud dt-c-p cuítival-ion is oftan a c-;use of