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Thkre was a chiUl , a helpless child, Fuüof vían fears a d funcies wild, That oftcn wept, and sometimes smil'd Upun its mothcr's breast; Feebly its meanings stammered out, And tottered tremblinglv ulxiut, And know no widor w.rld without lts littlc home of rest. There was a boy, a light hcart boy, One whom no troubles could nnnoy. Save some lost sport, or shattered toy, Forgotten in an Iiour: No dork remembrance troubled him, Nu future fear bis patb could dim. Dut joy beforehis ej-es would swiin. And hopee i ise like a tower. There was a youth, an ardont youth, Full of high promise, courage, truth, He feit no ecathe, le knew no ruth, Save love's sweet wounds alone; íle thought bnt of two soft b'.ue eyes, He souglit no gain but beauty's prize, And sweeter held love's sadd"st sighs Thau niusic'a oftcst tone. Thero was a man, a wary man, M'hose bosom nurs'd full many a plan For making life's eontracted span A patb of gain and gold; And how to sow, and how to reap, And liow to swell bis shining heap. And how tht wealth aequired to keep Secura within ite fold. There was an old, oU gray hairel one, Ou whom had four score winters done Their work apjiointed, and had spun His thread of Ufe so fine That scaree its thin line could bo seen, And with the slightest touch, I ween, 'Twould be as it had never been, And leave behiud no siga. And who were they, those five, whom fate Seemed aj slrange contraats to créate, That each might in lus different state The other's pathway slum? I teil thee that that infant vain, That boy, that youih, that man of gain, That gray-beard, who did roada attain So various- they roere ene.


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