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A Verdict Of A Jury Of Boys

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When Dr. JNathamel Frentice taugtit a public school in Roxbury, ho was very much a favorito, but his patience, at timea, would get nearly eshausted by thü intractions of hU schol ars. On ono occasion, in rather a wrathy wny, he threatoned to punish with six blows of a heavy ferule, the first bjy detected in whispering, and appoiut'some as detectors. Shorlly after, one of ihose detectors ehouted: "Master John Zeigler is whispering." John was c-illüd up and asked if it was a fact. (John by the way was a favorito, both of his teacher aud schoolmates.) "Yes," answered John. "I was not aware what I was about, I was intent on working out a sum, and requested the one who sat npxt to reach me the arithmetic that contained the rule, which I wished to see." The doctor regretted hip hasty threat, but told John that he oould not suffer him to whiaper or escape the punishrnent, and conlinued : " I wish I could avoid it, but I cannot, without a forfeitum of my word, and the consequent loss of my authnrity. I will" he continued, leavo it to any three schalors you may choose, to sav whether or not I orait the punislimênt." John sa'd he vvas agreed to that, and immediately callo 1 out G. B , T. D., and D. P. D. The doctor told them to return a verdict, which thev soon did (af ter a eonsultation,) as folio ws: "The raaster's word must be kept inviolate, - John must receive the threatened six blows of the ferulc ; but it must ba infliutod on voluntary proxies - and we the arbitrators, will share the punishment by receiving, oach of us, two oí the blows." John, who had Ii6tcned to the ver dict, stepped up to th5 doctor, and with outstrotcbed hand, exclaimed : "Master, here is my hunij : thoy shan't bo struck n blow ; I will rcceivo the punisliment." The doctor under pretenee'of wiping his face, shielded hts eyeo, and telling tho boys to go to their soats, said lie woukl tfaink of it. I boliove bo did think of it to his dying day, but the puniahraent was ncver intlicted.