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About Drying Apples

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Ootober and Novomber are thomontüs for drying apples, and the well ripened, choice fall variaties aro by far the best for the purpose Sotne people havo an idea that anything in the shape of an apple, big enough to pare, cut or core, let the'flavor bo what it niay, is just as good for drying as another. Wc beg leavo to correct this error. It is just as important to have a good apple to dry, as to eat raw cook or bake. To those, therefore, who' want good dried apples, we will offer a few suggestions. 1 Let your apples bo of good size, fair ia shape, choice iu flavor - swreet or tart, as you uiay prefer both are good for a variety of purposes. They should ba gathered without bruisiug; laid by till nearly ripe, but not quite ripc; pared with a machine- if you have one- and quartered, or halfquartered, according to the sizc of the fruit, or the use to be made of the article when dried. 2. Let the work be done as rapidly as possible, for the truit may ripen too tast after beginning to do thora, and keep the cutting and poring up with the paring; for thu moment the open flesh of the fruit beoomes exposed to the atmosphere, orheated, it begins to lose its aroma, moisture, and flavor, all to the damage of its quaüty when dried. 3 If you chooso to string them, which may be done, or not,-as you prefer, do it as soon as you can. We should not dry thus, prcferriug wire-racks for the purpose Then instead of hanging thom up by the side of the house, in the suu, or in the suu, or in the kitchen, where millions of fiies will alight upon, and live on thom, for several days, put them in a kiln, or dryiug-room, with a heat of a huudred degees of thermometer. Let the kiln be vcentilated at the bottom and top, to pass off the exhaling moisture, but not enough to inako a perceptible draft through it. 4. When this drying Leat has sufficiently cloned the porés of the cut fruit to prevent the escape of its aroma, the heat may be modified teu or twenty degrees, and so continue until they are sufficicntly cured for storing away which may be known by breaking a few piceos, and the absence of any settled moisture in the flesh. showing fermeutat.ion. 5. When sufficiently cured, pack them in small bags or packs, not closely crowded in, but as they will naturally till; tic thora closely, and hang them Up to nails on the side of a dry room. They will thus keep indefinitely or till you want to use them. A well selected apple, properly pared, cut, cored and cured, ia one of the best luxuries of the table, while indifferent rarieties, carolessly worked up, strung and dried in the kitchen, half eovered with flies, fuscd with the steams of cookerv, dust, and the ajcumulations and exhalation of an opea disordered living room, are not fit to eat, nor even to solt. We have seen apples dried after the latter fashioD. even in the households of otherwise tidy pcople; and to those who are in the habit of so, we say, try tho other plan, and if they do not acknowledge it a botter way, iu every possible use as applc can be put to, cali upon us for the difference in expenso. - American Agn'cuUurist.