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One is oftcn struck with tho numbor of idle people in our large eitics. IIow they mauage to live is indeed puzzling ; the most oí' them donot sceiu, from their general appearance, to be particularly wcll off in thu world's goods, and this makes the matter still moro perplexing. Let there be a public military display, or the entree of a travelling circus anuounced, and straightway the streets through which thoy are Hkely to mova bccome almoat iinpassable ia consoqueuce of the aceuuiulatiou of them. The patieuoe and eudurance of these good peoplü are indeed remarkable; therc thcy stand, sit or lounge for hours, wasting their time and doiug nothing. Oue would suppose that a persisteuce in idleness would so pall the vital enérgica of a rational human creature as to superinduco a dcpressioa of spirits, terminating in settled melancholy-and despair; and yet it seemsit is not so; talk with that man as he leasn against a tree-box, or clutches a lamppost, waiting for the procession to go by, ten chances to one you will find him intelligent and civil; he appears to be a person of average respectability; he converses readily, suusibly, and wcll, but he is, nevertheless, an idler, he has no tised purpose of lif'e; there is no worthy object to engross bis attention ; there appears to be no great duty to deuiaud bis care, his assiduity, bis labor ; and yet he is cheerful - perhaps gay; he sniiles and laughs, too, as if ho were happy, atid you concludo he is satisfied with his way of ] if e ; whether he is so, it is impossible to aseertain, as we are not permitted to penétrate the dopths of the human heart. Now, this idleness is not confiued to the stcrnor sex alono, and it is to be rcgrctted that amongst its votaries tbcro is a pretty henvy sprinkling of the opposita one. Au idle man iu this utilitarian age of tho world should bo looked upon as an abomination, and an idlo woman ia ccrtaiuly no better; and perhaps a good deal worse. There is no possiblo excuso for this vice, for thore is always plenty to do of some kind or anothcr, and industr r is pleasant and romunerative in itself. But how do the idlo peoplo inake out to live? There is a mystery about the matter that seems to bo insolubla. jL3LT Have you heard tho latest conundrum? Vrhy is a yoiing lacly just from bosrding school like a building committet)? Becauso bhe is reudy to receive "proposals." t3P" What rclatioij is the door t.o the aráper? A stop-fp.thor


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