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"Don't Care Whether Slavery Is Voted Down Or Voted Up

"Don't Care Whether Slavery Is Voted Down Or Voted Up image
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This expression, used by Judge Douglas, has been torn from its surroundings, and wliolly and utterly perverted. The Repubíican press, with that inborn love of pervertion and misrcpresentation, whioh characterizos so many of them, have so emisculated tho records so as to make this expres8Íon indícate that Judgo Douglus had no opiuion upon the subject of slavery, and was perfoctly indifferent i s to whether he should voto lor sl:ivery or against it. The raen who quoted this remark must know that Judge Douglas meant no such thing. The exprossion occura in Douglas' spoech on the Prcsident's message on the Lecompton bilí. As is known, Mr. Douglas had pledgcd himself in every form to allow the poople of Kansas to come into the Union, "vvith or without slavery," as they might determine. It is known also that a baso fraud was perpetrated on ;he peoplo of' Kansas, whereby they had been deprived of a fair vote on the Lecompton Oonstitution. In the speech ref rred to, Mr. üouglai was attaoking thnt fraud upon the riglits of tha paople, and the infanous evasión of the Kansas and Nobraska bijl. He was urged to suspend his action until the vote of the 21st of December was board frorn, upon tho ground that the si ave clause voted down. In reply to this Mr. Douglas fehowed that bid ground of attack was not that slavery would or would not bo established, but that the people had a right to a fair vote on that question, and that he was deter mined to vindícate the right, whecher slavory was voled doivn or votüd up. That the public may judge whethor the conRtruction is right or wrong, we extract from the speech suffieient upon whiob to form an opinión of Mr. Donglas4 true meaning. He aays : "But. I .am byaeeched to wait till I hear froio the election on the21st of December. I am told that perhnpj that will put it all right, and will solve the wholu diffieulty. Ilow can it ? Perhaps there may be a large vote. There may be a larajo vote returoed (Laughter.) But I dny that t is possible to have a fair vote on the Slavery Clauso; and I say it is not possible to have any vo'.e on the Constitution. - Why wait tor the mockery of an election, when it is providod, unultorably, that the peoplo cannot voto - when the maj.nity are disfranchked ? "But I am told on all sidos 'Oh, just wait ; thj Pfo-Slavèry causo will be voted down." That does not obvíate any of my objeotions ; it does not diminish any of thein. You have no more right to farce a Free-Stute Constitution on Kansas than a Slave-Srate Oonstitution It Kansas wants a Slave-Stato (Jonstituiion. she has a riglit to it. It is none of my business which way the slavery clausu is di'cided. cure vóLjp'trlhectèt is edfed down or coted up. ïtö you supposs, alter plodgos of my honor, that l w'ould go lor that principie, and leavo the pe.iplo to vote as they clioose, that I would now de grade myself by vo:ing ono wav if the slavery f.lauso be voted down, and another way il it be voted up? 1 care not how the voto stands. I tako it tot. granted that it will bo voted out. I think that I havo seon enough in th ■ last three duys to muite t ooftafn that it will be rotirned out, no mitter how the vote may stand. (Laughtei.) "Sir, I am opposed to that concera , because tlooks to mu like a system of t:ickcry and jugglery to defoat tho fair espression of the will of the people. There is no necessity for orowdlrig this measuro, so unfair, so unjust, as it is ia all its aspects, upon us." Can any sane man fail to preceive the meaning of Judgo Douglas in these romarks ? He says thore, what he says now, that Kans .s has the right to form her own institntion in her own way ; and "I shall dcfjnd her rights, let her form thein as she may - whethor they pleaso me or not " This is the mean ng, and tho whole meaning, oi Judge Douglas' rentarks, and any attompt to givo them a diff.-rant signifioance, by garblingthe record, is a mono injnstico.