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Blair And The Foreigners

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Two weeks ago we publislied a statement of "Our Blair's Sentiiuents,'' ia svhich certain lnnguagc is attributed to Mr. Blair, as haring boen spoken last Spring, at tbo "Jolliflöation on the Square.'' Wo were not distiiietly inforined aa to tbe place tcherc tlie words wcre naed, but knowing that a meeting wis beid "ou tbe square" tbat evening, we took it for grauted Uiat Mr. Blair was present, and so stated; but it will be seen by tho annexod statement, given over tbo signatures of soveral persons who heard Mr. Blair on tbe occasion, and at tbe place mentionod in said statement; that a mis take exists only as to locality, wbicb we freely admit. We did not claim that we heard tbe words from Mr. Blair'a lips. but they werc reported to us by otbor persons who wcro present, and wbo furnished us with tho memorandum a few days before we publis.sed tliem: - To the Editor of Uw Jackson Patriot. - Observiug in y our paper ander date of August 29, 1S60, an artlcle in which Mr. Blair was cbarged wilfc uttering certain words with regard to foreigners, at a meoting held on tbe square, last Spring; and also we hava noticad tliat the American Citizen, of last week, deuies that Mr. Blair uttered such knguage, a ly wbere or at any place. The uuders:gned state that tlioy attended a meeting in Jackson's ncw building on the evening of the charter election last Spring, tbat Mr. Blair was -thero and made tbe following romark?: 1 That the Bemocrats di-um, o;) Sun (hvj night to the Lager Beer Saloons amonj the Dirty Dulch, and that ho was proscriptke enoujh i-o drive all that olass of cithenu out. ofthis country. Kok that Col. Bern it electcd, he Iwped that kn wouhi put thin class through, and git e them no more WOtk on the StreeU." The above are the words used by Mi". BLiir, and we do not declino to sigu tbis statement, and give you liberty to insort in your columns. Joiin' Tl. Eveuard, ]). A. SlIUMAY, C. Ratu. I was present at tl. e meeting abore alluded to, for a short time, aid heard the above rouiarks of Mr. Blair in réference to Col. B.orry. .7. B.EATOX. i JoÍgon;, SNt 10, iïO.