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Immense Grain Receipts At Buffalo

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roiuH tinnii record ahonla be made oi tiiü grfiii recuip'fi r-porti d iu our paper of yi'stcrdav. Such a cereal deluge was never beiVir Uimekad upoa nnv port ia thü wcvld. Oui' ïr.nrine list oi" yester day, foi' the twenty-fo'.ir iiours ertdtug at noen, recurdeü the Brrivad of one srcainr, m:x propeller!, sis b;ir'k5, four brigx, nud fiftv-nine scttönnen, inekina n total . nf Tri tsesels. Uden rmii -í,s(57 bárrela of tmur, 888,066 bushcls of wheat, 88,500 bushola of oom, auJ 2,445 busbe's of barlev, mnkii:g a total of 049,2ü-1 busliis of gruin piis.sii,g our liglit-liouss i Mig tweutj-i'our hüurs. In addition to this. the sanie fleet brought 350,036 fect ; ot' luuibcr and 59,000 staves, niaking an regate day"s work uncxninplcd iu the bietory of lake oomnierce. Buyers camc in freoly auA tlicro was a deal of tclegrnphing froni the castward, tindcr the idc;i that so large a quantiU" tbrowu upo:i tlio market would raduoe prices. 13ut Uuffiilo operators havo big bellies; they rofused to consider their ïiiarket oi'erstoeked, and consequeutly transao tioiia werü not large, and uo cciicessions were made by bolders. - Tliero is hardly anothar plaoe io thr country or the world that c-ould bare stood up so stilfly uuder arrivala so large. Buyi-rs froni abroad looked on in wonder. AU this has soma reason. By thife time much of this graiu is pouriug iatu canal boata and will soon be distributed all along tho line of the canal, tlio surplus pouriug into Now York in divided doses, so as uot to gorgo the New Yorker two suddenly. It, is quite withiu the limits of probability that within a weok tho Buffalo grain ïueroliants will be cmplaining of u short supply. - Bujfalo Commercial, Saturdtiy JSven'.nj. With the last fnrty-eight hours ending last evening. a fleot of over one hundred vcssels- ineludiug propcllers, &c, - hare arrived at this port, contaminar one m Ilion threr hundred and tixty-nine Üwtitand three hundred and tixty lv:o bushels of grain, nd eight thousand ii hundred and e!evca barrels cf flour Redudug the flour, the aggregate is 1,412,416 bushels. Tho greater port'on of this atnount consista of wheat. there having been imported during the time ubove specified, 1,216,485 bushels of that product. Ou Thursday ilone onr grain receipts were about 1,000,000 bushels.  Buffalo Courier, Saturday.