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Accident To A Balloonist

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Albani, Sent. 23. Lamountain. the balloonist, met vi'ith trioU8 accident on bis recent voyage irmn this city. Ho trave'ed thirty miles in twenty-nine minutes, and, in attempting lo land at East Laneeboro, Masn, wns caught in a tornado and dashed sgainít a stono rall, kn cking hira senseless, but breaking no bones. The basket rebounded and was elevuted to an equal altitude with the balloon, thus cleariug the wall. It was then draggcd loog the ground at a fearful speed, and, coming in contact with a tree, etripped t of its branches and tore the network of the balloon to atoms. It continued its course soroe distance, w! en it carne in contnet wilh anothor tree, throwing Lamountain out, causing tho balloon to collapse, and teariog it to tattrs Lamonnfain was not con8cioii8 for naar half an hour, nlien ho wns found on the top of a niountain by som men who witnessed his perilous descent. He was vtrj badly bn;iscd and cut, but not so serious-ly injured as to prevent hia riding to a fnriner's house, where he romained twenty four hourp, when he returned to Lansingburg, reacliing home last night. Hii cicüpe from instant death was most miraculous, as the bulloon was driving along at the rate of a müo a minute when he was dashod against th stone wall. He 8a)'8 it was a irore fotrful and perilous descent tlian was madu when he landed in Jefferson county, on hia trip from 8t. Louis.