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One Hkxry Bakxs, editor of tho Detroit Tribune, seems to bo somowhat in trouble just now. His trouble is this : Henut Uarns wns elected tothe Senatein 1858, and took his seat and the oat !i of office. In 18Ö9 ÏIenrv BarSs wautcd to take a contract fur supplying the State with stationerj, but the constitution was in the way, no contrast oould be awarded to n nieniber of the Legislature. Henr.? Barns reaiguod hU seit, was awardcd the coutract, and filed his suretias fjr the compliancj with its terms. Henuy Barns now has Semt'.iri;il aspiratior.s agSfii. n:id harfag assi-nor] his contract, considers himsolf cligible for reelection, and seeks a nomination. But in aiisivï ti su inuiry, Hüq. Jacob M! Howa?.i, the great oonstitutional expoi:ndcr of the party, and legal adviser of the State, declarea th;it a contractor cannot make himself cligible to a seat in the Legislature by assigning his contract. The Legislature cannot absolve hira from it, the State must look to him and his sureties for its faithful performance, and uutil lis expiration he cannot hold a seat b the Legislature. Bad bturaeSB for HesnY Bahns; we Fvmpathiso wi(h him, we do, but he should pláj sharper iext time. P. S. Will the nest Sonate C'ommittee on Printing be able to draw .$76 from tho Treasury for snppllos, without having occasion to use a single half-quire of fools-eap ? Lí" T!ic líopub'ioans liad a mass meeting at Wiíítmore Lake on tho 20th inst; we are uniuforraed how mnny of the nv.sses wcre present. Tbey !, d a oreh[ígit procession on the cvoniiigof the masa meeting, we are informed that jnst ttcmty torchos ilhunuKitedthe niassosand shed thora rays upon the regiou ruuad about. I-M-P-0-3 -I-N-G-! "Trot ium olt." - It will be seen bj a communication from our Democratie friencl, J. C. Depew, in our columns today, that the Republicans of Chelsea have expressed thoir desire "to trot out" Judge Gbanokr and have hira disouss Natio.ial and State wsues with Hon. G. V. N. LoTHRor. Mr. Depew sayg by authority that Mr. Lothrop is ready to meet Mr. Gbanoer at any time, and that Mr. L" D. Norkis is alao ready to meet bis competitor, A. D. Cbase, Esq. Sa "trot out" your champions, Messrs. Republicana, or offer no moro challenges. PST We wouid eateem t a favor if our Democratie friends : in tbc different Township8 of the County wouid post us concerning political doings. We shall be happy to publish notices of meetings held orto be held. We can not be in all places at all times and must rely upon our friends to advise us of matters of interest. S3T ïhat "Democratie Hickory" i i the Village of Ann Arbor ia destined to trouble the nerves of our Republican cotemporaries beyond endurance. Waking or sleeping it is ever present and comes in for editorial kicks in successivc issues But as even "an aas is permitted to kick a dead lion," the ' hickory wül not murmur at this similar infliction. It shows the spirit. L#" It is roportod thát a DouglasBell-Breckenridga fusión has taken place in New York. The Cooper Instituto Cornmiltce has agreed upon a single electoral tickat, and if the action ip sanctioned by tfie several Stat Curnmittces the union inay bo eonsidercdcomplete. - - - - 4 - m ' EP. .50,000 Surdinian troopshavc entered the Popish dominions, and an engügcmcn'. miy have tnlcen 'lace ero tbi.