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MICHIGAN SOUTHERN & BDRTHtSN INDIANA IUILROAD. 1860. SÜMMER ARRANGEMENT. 1M0. Imins now run on thi roal, Sutdayí eepted, fo'.loivs: Lcave Toledo ror Chicago nt 10 C5 A M. , and 10 25 P. M. " Detroit " " " 7 20 " " 7 40 " Arrivins ia Chicago from Toledo and Detroit at 8,00 P. M. aud B:00 A. M. Arrive at Detroit from Toledo, at 7:06 A. 31., í:50 P. M., and 11:00, A. M. Arrivo ia Detroit from Chicago 8.0 P. M., nd 1.06 A. M. árrive in Toledo from Chicago 4,J0 P. M. nd4.60 A. U. and 3.40 P. M. I.wve Adrián for Jacksonat '■ Jackson for Adrin at 5,00 A. M, and 1,.W P. M. CON'NECTIONS. At Toltoo - Wlth Cleveland & Toledo Bail Road, with Wabash Vallcy Rail Road. At DirruoiT- With (rand Tninl Rüilway, witu Great Western Railway, alio, with 1'ua Detroit andMilwaukee, RallroaJ At Nkw Auust & Saib 15. R. W!thTrini for lafayettc, Nev Albrnyand Louisville. At Chicago - With Chicago and Rock Iflland, Galen, Milwaukco, Chicngo, Burlington and Quincy- North West Ratlway- Chicago, Alton and St. Loulj, flliaoll Central, and to all Point West and South. tfiB Traius are run by Chicago timo, whlcb :i 20 minutes slower than Detroit time. Woodrulf'a Patent Sleeping Can acoompany th Night Traina onthiH Route. $LY" No change of cars betwefln Dtrolt, Adrián and Cbicftgo. %. Patent VcatiUtorl and Dustn anuMdon all Sumnjer Traina. tar Time nd Far th uai as by any other Rail Koad Route. JNO. Ti. CAifPPFXL. (3n-al Suptrintendmt. NEW YORK LIFE INSURANCE COMP'NY. Accumulated Jan, 1860, $1,767,133,24 MORRIS FRANKLIN, President, J C. KENDALL, Vtr.e President, PLINY FREEMAN, Acluary $100,000 DEPOSITED iththComptrollerofth SUt of Ne York. DítIendi arerage 40 per cent, annually. ASSBTS. ashlr.Bank, . t I1.U6.49 nvested in securftiei , creatftd under the lawi of thc Stiito of New York and of the U. S. . 248,870,79 ealEstats and t'iittireí, Nos. 112 aud 114 Broadway 132,450 04 ond and Mortgagen drawlng 7 pr ot. Intcreít 583,946 .S9 otes received for 40 por cent.of prtmiums on Ufe policies, bearing interest, 076,315.85 uarterly ani Srmi-annual premiums, do inbiequeiit to January 1, 1860 20,650.58 ntereöt accrued up to Jan. 1, 18CQ, 86.488.77 íentü accrued upto Jan. 1, 1860, 1.70R.34 'remiumi oa policios in bands of AL9ntt 30.44V1O 1,767,133.24 T)rs VIklm nd LmnTT, Modlcal Fxaminera. 4i( }. G1LBEBT SMITH, Agent LIFE 1NSURAJNCE. The Connecticut Mutual Life Insuranca Company. Acoumulated Capital, - $3,500,000. TT7TI.LiN.5U RE LIVÏS for any amonnt ot icaeding VV $10,000 for the whole trm üf Life orfor a term of yéars, on tbe most favorable termn. N. B The Company is purely mutual and the policy holders get all the surplus over tb exact coot of insurance It accomodates the insnred in the lettlement of their premium ON LIFE POUCIES, tf desirad, by taking anotefurone half tb amount, bearing inUreat at sii por cant, per annum . Dividendt are Dtclartd Annvaïïyt and sirice they now amount to Firrr per otnt on th premium, raah and note, and are inotaaliog they may b epplied to cancel the notes. BLf The ratea of premiums artas low aa any other rt-, sponniblo Company and the large accumulated fund of $8,600,000 in aecurely invested, as may be secn by reference to the statement made accordingto law, on fll in tbeofDpe of tlie County CÏ3rli,at Ann Arbor.Tf]i JAMES GÜODWlN,Pret. GctR.Phiifs.Ppct. I'or partionlari apjj'ly to JAMES C. WATSOÏf, 763yl Agontat Ann Arbor, Mioh. Conway Tire Insurance Co., Of Conway, Mass. Capiral paid up, f150.000 00 Assets (Csh), - - 269,963 12 Liabilitios. - - - 16.440 03 D. O. Rogera, Jae. S Whitney, Str.retart, Prttident. dire"ctors. J S.WinTOEY. L. BODMAN, W. EI.L1OTT, StBOWI.lSD,D C. McGII-VBAy, T. D MORGAN WAIT BEMENT, JORIAU AI.LI3. A. HIBU'LEN W.H. DICKINSON, W T. CLAP1', D. C. ROGEUS. Aun Arbor Refereneeg: Dr. E WÏMS, L. JAMF.1. L. DODOF, KNOCHJAME8. CAPT. C. S. GOODRICH, J. W. KNIGHT, AgentJ Anu Arbor, Michigan !H March ï?. Mo ney Wanted. Wli o will Lend Money ! IAM REQUESTED BY BEVET.AL PFJISOK8 W obWln money for them at Ten Per Cent latere st, (OrMore.) For any one willinjr to'.lenfl.I ran at once Inreit on good unencumbered abundant REAL ESTÁTE security anyíiuini of raony and sesthat the titlt and wcurit; are ALL BIOHT. jty Tli borrower parlnff all expensM, inciuding reconlinff. ï- W. MORGAN, Ann Arbor, Gct. 7, 189. 716tf wrtöS1 RÍ 5 P Z CTFU LL Y O F f t R T M t IR (&&tnrtt ESSENCES OFUQUORS in iKtir acKnowledqed puruv to the traiit. y .... GiLTSL ERLEB uahash, Atoe j4d _""B Tg .f,"3 CHICAGO ILL. um D. L. W00D & C0, Hve Bi.ooivecl A. IJ.A.HC3-B STOCK OF Seasonable Goods FALL AND WINTER TRABE of xoeoS WHICH THEY mXuL BELL OHEAP FOR CASH OR READY PAT. Cali and íes Btfor Purchatirtg Ehe wkert. D. L. WOOD. W. G. FOSTER Bonnets ! Eonnets ! Bonnets rpHI SUBSCRI3ER HAS A LAÜGE itook of Biü and V E L Y E T BONNETS of kte styb, that he will tU at ooit and !n jL-c-s-s T-h-a-n G-O-S-T-, tfl lose them out. Pjicí taoSe fron oxs TEN DOLLARS.


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