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Mr. Thomas Bay íes, of Iíultimore, Íiub race Iv p llined n filial! pumphlut n tlic cu na ion oí Ihu grxpe vino f rom whuli we malee Borne extract.-: PLA'TIMi. Tliu best time of tho year t" transplant i vine ia iinmeiiiatuly after the iall vi ihu leiif. The jrouii'i in whicb it is to be plnnted must be prepartsd aijreeably tu tlie directions giveii nboví tliis boing doi o, d.g a liólo for the receptioo of (lie vine nbout two íetü deeji, an] of the sumo widb a J leiiifth; and if, after tina ihint is taktín u p, iio roots should prove too lmig fr this, the sizu of the hole must be inoivased, as, on no account must tha roots be cri pled n tlieir extensión. l'.oosen Ihe .cicles and bottora oJ tho Jiolc1, and tolhoM'il tlmt is taken out, íuld a oouplo of thovclfuls if well ínttcd dung, ;nd mis the hole well txgelher, inakinp it very tir:e. Pnt tho mold iüto the hele aguin to within lime incbefl of the top nul it will be ready lo reccive the vine, 'l'his muttt have len carefully takeu up, with its roots lis omife as poeoible, and if nny of thetn be brnist'd or h nny way injured, they must bc piuned bark to the sound pais. Fix iho vine in tho hole with its stem abfiut hix ncb-8 from tlio wall, and let the bottom bud be just even wilh tho sui oí the ground. Spnutd the roots out in a horizontal direction, nt efjual diHtances from eaoh other, nnd in a similar munner to tho pofces of a fin, thei: fill the hole vvitli tho mold nearly to the top. Tako bold of tho t-tein, and, drawiijg it upward a little, give it two or thrce shukes with the hand, that the mold may eettle well uround tiie root; sfter whieh fill up tho hoe wi;h the remainder of the nild tut the vine down t the two bottoMi hucls, ani the operatic) will be corrpleled. I the fall of 1855, I bought grape plante two yeurn, :it twenty tive cents euch, and planted them in borders prupttfed "8 (Jeecribod, and out them oowri Ui the Bevond bud (rota the groiind. In 1856. I pincbed oü all the 'nut on fir-.i appearuuce, and, in the Mi, cut thmn hack t about weven feet. ïii 1857, allowed tbem to bear about let buouhuei eueii, and, in tlie fall, out away about cueliallol the uow wood. 'J bis y. ar (1868), I have sokl tile gra)es of four vines for $15, (each viiio ocoupyilig eiglit feet each way, mailing sisiy-lour foet,) which is equal toS2,Oól.S per uure, per uitnam. BBAKt.NG OF FRUIT AND PBUKING. From niy experience, I find that the %v'eigi)t j1 Ii uil which any vint?, that bad oot butn previously overcropped, wij brinjr to Uie highest pertttctiun williout iinpairing iis vital powow, is in pprportiou to tho thickocsa of the tnn. No vine is to be con.iderud a fruit liearer, until its ttem ineasnres thre inches in pilt, as at a les siio vines uagbt i ever tu be ttutiered lo ripen Iruit. '1 hw i a rulo tl. at shoiild be a .heied to ii. tht rnanugt'inetit f voung uiif.Miasiii liui-bar.o their rengtli until thtir roois have nruhiptibd tu'iïc jiitl v to pro. iu'e a full nup-ly of nour i ii;eut wn hout Buffetiug. from -xhaustion. Aa i Iready Mated, the g ea'.ti-i ijMHnlKj of grapcs hich any v nf ( an puiiuctly matare, is in j.T'iporuon to the uiromniereiicü ol its stem tr.easureil just abxve thu grcund, viz: L inchos- 10 IKh , w M bunabes,lloirtDg H l buuch. UKbcj-.jiK..1i.r JU uuu. livit. '- iochi. - _ua.,ir 4ubouebe0. j ddin ten pouud fui ver v a.M.t ional inch . In aummer, aKijnon as berriesaie tet, tho biniclies reuireil to produce thegiven eiglu oí Iruit are selecte j 10 rwnain, ano the oxaees i'Dtnediatelv cut ofl J have Ireijuently cu off, ut the proper penod in Uie suininer, na inuch uu half, and aouietimea even threeiuurlli of the truit, in order to reduce 11 to itti proper quanlily. I havo frejuontly ht;t-ii vtuea groaning as it were, b:ni:;ii thwir prodigiosa number ül buncl]e; ai.O have, oD such occasions. invai lublv jininieil uut U) the owners 'l theni the certuinty of the plant being cripplod, if the uholts quaatitv produccd wero sunVred to remain and ripen. But Jiny leprcsentatiou of tliis idit inudu by ine to uny ouc, rarelv had the tffeot t cauiing the escess in the quuut.ty tu be reduted even by a single bunch- so dfcj ly rooted seetns to be the bvliet, ibot bffiuiiie the vine shows h grout Dumber of bunches of grapee, it can tlicicfuro ripen thcm. This, 1 belwvt) it one, and perhaps the princi[al causo of the failure attending so inany giapo vines both in towns and country. In pruning, always cut upward, and in a uloping direction, end let the cut be on thu opposito eide of the bud. Prune bo as to leave as few vounds as possible, and let the surfaee of ivery cut bo perfcctly amooth. - Kever prime in fi-osty woather, nor in Marcli, April, or May. Pruoing in eilher of these inonths causes bleeding. jtliiljigon Jüps.


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