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Washington And Everett

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The New York Correspondent ot the Boston Post saya: The last link of that golden cliain whioh shall hereafter, for manv generations, bind together the ñames oí George Washington and Edward Evorett, haa just been fitted into iti place. The unselfish labora of the scholar and utatesmaa, of vvhom we are all proud, and whose successful devotion to the purchase of Mount Vernon has challenger! th admiration of the world, are brought to a fitting conclusión in thecompend of Washington's Life, contributed to Messrs. Black's new and revised edition of the Encyeloptedia Britanioa. Tha Edin burg publishers, we understand, had designated the late Lord Macaulay as ,he writer of thearticle on Washington br the Encyclopsödia, in ita new edición, and had made proposition to Mculay td undertake the task. Tho engagement already pressing upon th jreat essayist and historian, compelled lis declination of the proposal, and, at lis suggestion, Mr. Everett was invited o furnish the article in question. - The seloction was most fortúnate; for n na one's hands was such a taek more ikely to resolve iteolf into a labor of ove, and to no fitter heart or mind iould such a subject be commendad. fheresultof Mr. EveretVa labor is on ,he ove of publication in this country, by Shaldon & Co., of New York, in "a inglo volume ot 328 page with the appropriste preöx of a portrait of the author, engravsd af ter a marble bnst. In this work Mr. Everett disdaims all pretentioti to learned research or aborious investígation among original documenta and revolutionary manu cripta. He has preparad from his tandard works already.eiisting, a com)rehensive, and oooiparatireTy brief, neruoir of our national hero - compris Qg nfieot features of Washiugtou'd career and churacter - presentad in that oooeise and familiar or neoessarily iharacteristic of Eacyclopadia urticies. Fh'j biography ia a model ot uondentaion, und by lts rapid nurutivand at ractiv style, must tomraend itself, in ts naw forüi. to the mass of readers, is the standard, popular Ufe of Washngton. In no iwpect pretentions or ambitious, aa regards oompetition with ;he monumental work of Marshall, Sparks and Irving, this con amore raphy, by one so wel] qualified. wil] fill a vacant niche in Jierature, and wjuld seem to be dsstined to a ciroulation araong tne peoplef both Englaud and Arnerina, uch as no previous Life oí the Father of his Country has ever at tui lied. In addition io the historica] and bioïraphioal ineidents of Washington' if,whiofa are concisely narratedby Mr Ererett, thie volume is enriched" bj contribution by Dr. Jama Jackson, upon the nature of the disease of whioh Washington died ; the inventory of the personal propsrty at Mount Vernon at the time of the G-enerul's death ; and the Will of Martha Washington. It msy also be stated, that in the prefaee, Mr. Everett pays a passing tribute to the memory of Macauley, which is a model of beauty and eloquence, expressed with rare terse ness and kindness.


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