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List Of Premiums--concluded

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CLASS 24 POULTRY. Best 3 Turkeya, H M Henion Pitufitjld, lat prm $1 50 1 Coop Turkeys, Amon Wesl, A A Town 2d prem 1 1 do Golden Pheasants, Thomas Sraith, Pittsfield, lst prem 1 50 1 do Black Polands, A 11 Holmes Pittsfiold 2d prera 1 1 do Chin Gosling, Stephen Vanripa, Pittsfield, very fine premium recommended 10 Muscovia Ducka, T F Leonard A A City, very fine premium recommended N. A. Prudden, Ch'n. CLASS 25 - BÜTTER, CHEESE, HONEY AND MAPLE 8OOAB. 1 Jar May, Mrs W Red Pittsfield, lst prem $1 60 1 do do do, Mrs J G Leiand Northfieltl 2d prem 1 1 do Sept Butler, Mra D M Sweetland, Lodi, lst prem 1 60 1 do do do, Eliza Bird, A A Town, 2d prem 1 1 do do, not May or September, Miss D M Sweetland, Lodi, lst Discretionary premium 1 do, do J D Winans, A A Town, 2d Discretionary prem 12 Rol! do, Mrs. A NortoD, A A Town, lst prem 1 50 10 do do, Mrs. Chas. H Worden, Northfield, 2d prem 1 3 Cheeses, Mrs. W H Dell, Saline, Ist prem 1 50 3 do, Nancy Lee, Freedom, 2d prem 1 3 Loavea of Bread, Mrs. N W Strong, A A lat prem 1 60 8 do do, Mrs. C Covert, do do Town, 2d prem 1 10 Iba. of Maple Sugar, A West, do do Town, tbe only sample - fair article - discretiouary premium Alexander Ewing, ) George Sútton, I T , Mrs. N. Sheldon, f JudSeS"E.W.Whitmore J CLA8S 26 - OLOTHS, QDILTS, CLOTHINO, ETC. 1 pair woolen blankets, Mrs, C. Wheeler, Salem, lst premium. $2 1 rag carpet, A. Brundage, Northfleld, lst prem., 2 1 rag carpet, Eliza Burd, A. A. Town, 2iul prem. , ] 1 pair woolen stockings, Mrs. J. B. Vauatta, Salem, 2nd prem., ,60 2 pair woolen socks, Misa C. Crana, Lodi, lst prem., 75 1 pair woolen socks, Mrs E. Treadwell, A. A. Town, 2nd prem., ,60 1 pair woolen ruiuens, C. B. Cook,' A. A. Town, Ut prem., ,76 1 pair woolen mitteus, Rachael J. Waters, Lodi, 2nd prem., ,60 1 wove coverlet, Mrs. N. Sheldon, Lodi, lst prem., a 1 patchwork quilt, Miller, Superior, lst discretionary prem. 1 patchwork quiitS. Miller. Superiar, lst discretionary prem. 9 lbs stocking yarn, Mrs. Levan, Northfield, lst piem., ,76 1 lb. woolen yarn, Mrs. J. B. Vaaatta, Salem, 2nd prem., ,60 I pair cotton sleckings, Miss Susas Twamley, Webster, lst prem., ,76 1 pair cotton fetoeklngs, Mrs. 0'. Q. Clark. Jr , Webster, 2nd prem., ,60 1 ftanuel blanket. S. Millar, Superior, dicrationary. 2 satchels, T. M. Cast, Soio, discretinuary. 2 d&rneil stoc-kinss, Mrs A. Gillette, Sharon, discretionary. 1 kuit nood, W. W. Saunders, Ann Arbor, discretionary. 1 counterpane, Mrs. Halloclc, Northfield, discretionary. 1 patullad quilt, Mrs. E. A. Burlingarne, worthy of premium. The committea would remark ihat among the articlas of rag carpet there were a great many specimens, and it was difficult to decide which was the most deserving. And the committee regret that we were nat able to give more premiums. The quilts and patchwork coverlets were nuinaruus, and Tery fine, and it as gratifying to see that part well represented. C. B. Cook, y Mks. J. Arnold, V Judges. Mrs. Wm. Burnktt) class 27 dcme8ti0 articlks madk in THI8 COUNTY 1 pr 6ewed calfskin boota, O. Collier, Ann Arbor, lst prem $1 öO 1 pr pegged boots, O Collier, Ann Arbor, 2d prem 1 1 pr kip boots, O Collier, 2d pram 1 1 two horse top carriage, N. Arksey, Ann Arbor, lst prem 5 1 two horse top carriage S A Sperry, 2d prem 8 1 one Iioikh top carriage, Dalton & Gnus, Ann Arbor, lst prem 4 1 one horse top carriage, S A Sperry, 2d prem 2 1 doublé buggy without top, Dalton & Gauss lst prem 4 1 single buggy without top do do secoud prernium 8 1 doublé farm wagon, N Arksey, Ann Arbor, lst prem 4 1 do do Dalton & Gauss 2d prem 2 1 single do do lst prem 3 1 do do N Arksey 2d prem 2 1 gothic bedëtead, Martin & Thom son Auu Arbor, 2d prem 1 1 sof do do do lst prem 3 1 dressing beareau do do do 2d 1 1 man's easy chair do do Discretionary. 1 lady's do do do do do Discretionary. 1 set. Windsor chairs do do do 1 dining tabla do do da 2d prem 1 1 rocking chair do do do lst prem 1 1 do do do do do 2d prem 60 2 sofa chairs do do do Discretionary. 1 library do do do Discretionary. 4 horse bhoes Lawson & Wooster, lst prem 75 1 brick oven stove, Risdon & Henderson, lst prem 2 50 1 Stewart stove. do do 2d prem 2 1 sheet iron regulator, lst prem 1 60 1 cottage pirlor do do 2d prem 1 Sharp's patent boxes, etc for wagons and carriages, Raywalt & Gorton, Dexter, disoretionary. 1 patent buggy, S A Sperry, Ann Arbor, Discretionary. J. M. CHASE, Ch'n. CLASS 28 - FARM IMPLBMKNT8. 1 Ramsey's flexión hanow, M. Hogers Ann Arbor, worthy of trial. 1 Fanning mili, Chas. Burr, Plyraouth, lst prem 3 1 E. Bali's reaper, M Rogcrs, Ann Arbor, fitst premium, S 1 Buckeyo tnower, Riádon & Hendtfison do do fiist premium 5 1 Fisher's wrought iron mower, M. Rogéis, do do 2d premium 3 1 horse rake, do do do lst prem 1 1 seed drill, S Stanbro, Salem, lst 1 50 1 corn sheller, M Hogers, A A lst 1 50 1 plow for deep culture, Price fc Fosmier, do do city, lst prem 2 0 corn brootus, G C Arms, Webster fiist premium 75 1 wbeat drill, T A (laviland, A A first premium 3 1 ciitter, L-iwou & Wooster, do do first premium 2 1 do S a SperiJ do do 2d prem 1 The cornmittee wonld report that tliey find the anieles entered very much scattered, but many very superior arüclts. O. B. Cook, Ï Smith Botsford, Judges. F. M. Palmer, G. S. Waters, class 29 - frctct. 20 Yarieties Apple9, J J Parson, A A Town, lst prera $2 20 do do, D. Wilsey. Pitufleld, 2d prem 1 15 do do, D. Wilsey, do lsl prern 1 15 do do, O. W. ' Cook, do 2d prem 75 12 do do. D. Wilsey, do lst prem 1 12 do do, J. C. 'ïaylor, A A Town 2d prem 75 10 do do, R. Corbitt, Salem, lst prem 75 10 do do, H. E Peters, 2d prem 60 6 do do, N Sheldon, Lodi lst prem 75 0 do do, J. Terry, Northfield, íd prem 50 4 do do, J Terry, do, lst prera 75 4 do do, J J Paraon, A A Town, 2d prem 50 3 Seedling do, D Wilsey, Pittsfield, 2d prem 60 6 Varieties Winter Peara, C H Millen, A A lst prem 1 8 do Fall do, C H Mülen, do lat prem 1 2 Platea Quinces, C H Milien, lst prem 1 1 Variety Quince, Eliza Bird, A A Town, Discretionary 1 do do, C House, do do do, Discretionary 8 do Nativa Grapes, O H Millen, do do, lst prem 1 1 Píate Oatauba Grapas, F Harria, do do, lst prem 5o 1 do Concord, F Harris, do do, lst prem 25 7 Varieties Foreign Gmpes, 0 H Miilen, do do. Discretionary. Roswell PrestoD, ) T Theodore DuBoia. f JudSaa' OLAS 30 - VEGETABLES. Greatost variety vegetables, S. G. Suthtrland, A. A. City, lst prem. g3 Greatest variety vegetables, S. Mann, A. A. City,2d prem. 2 6 Beets, W. C. Voorheii, Ann Arbor, lst prem. 75 6 Beets, S. R. Doty, Ann Arbor Xown, 2d prem. 50 6 Head of Cabbage, S Mann, Ann Arbor, lst prem. 75 6 Hcad of Cabbaee, S. G. Sutherland, Ann Arbor, 2d prem. 60 6 Cariota, J. P. Fralick, Ann Arbor, lst prem. 75 6 Canots, E. C. Voorhels, Ann Arbor, 2d prem. 59 6 3tocks Celery, F. M. Handrick, Ypsilanti, lst prem. 75 6 Stock Celery, S. Mann, Ann Arbor, 2d prem. ' 50 1 peck Yellow Onions, S. G Sutherland, Ann Arbor, lst prem. 76 1 peck Yellow Onions, S. Mana, Ann Arbor, 2d prem. 60 1 peck White Ouions, S. G. Sutherland, Ann Arbor, lst prem. 75 1 peck White Onions, S. Maua, Aan Arbor, 2d prem. 60 1 peck Red Onious, 3. Mann, Ana Arbor, lst piem. 75 1 peuk Red Oiiions, S G. Sutherland, Ann Arbor, 2d prem. 60 1 peck Shaw Potatoe, A. Keep, Northfield, lst prem. 76 1 pck Shaw Potatoes, D. J. Now. land, A. A. Town, 2d prem. 60 1 bushel Potatoes, geugeral use, Geo. Roys, Lodi, 2d prem. JO 5 Squashes, Hernán Ticknor, Pittsfield, lst prem. 75 3 Squashes, S. Mam, Aan Arbor City, 2d prem. 50 1 peck Tomatoes, R. Exford, Ann Arbor City, lst prem. 76 1 peck Tomatoes, J. D. Baldwin, Ana Arbor Town, 2d prem. 60 1 bushel White Turuips, F. M. Hendrick, Ypsilauti, lst prem. 76 1 busbe! White Turnips, Lester Jewett, Lima, 2d prem. 60 1 bushel Ruta Bagas, Laster Jswatt, Lima, lst prem. 75 1 bushel Ruta Bagas, F. M. Hendrick, Ypsilanti, 2d prem. 60 1 qt. Lima Beans, W. H. Dalí, Salín, lst prem. 76 1 qt. Lima Baant, J. P. Javrett, Lima, 2d prem. L0 1 qt. Garden Beans, W H. Dell, Saline, lst prem. 76 4 variety Garden Beans, J. F. Fralick, Ann Arbor City, 2d prem. 60 12 Sweet Potatoes, N. Sheldon, Lodi, lst prem. 76 1 bu."hel Sweet Potatoes, S. G. Sutherland, Aun Arbor City: 2d prem. 60 3 Pumpkiiis, Robert Rome, Pittsfleld, lst prem. 76 3Puinpkins, J. H. Hicks, Lodi, 3d pretn50 6 Parsneps, A. H. Holm, Pittsfield, lst prem. 76 6 Parsneps, S. Mann, Ann Arbor City, 2d prem. 60 Lemuel Fostib, Ch'n. CLASS 31 - GRAIN, FLOUB AND SK.KCS. 1 bushel Wiater Wheat, F. L. Stevenson, Dexter Towu, lst prem. $1 1 bushel Winter Wheat, Thos. Smith, Pittsfield, 2d prem. 60 1 bushel Spring Wheat, Benj. Prjor, Ann Arbor Town, lst prem 1 1J buahels Yellow Corn, W. H. Dell, Saline, lst prem. 1 1 bushel Yellow Corn, C. B. Cook, Ann Arbor Town, 2d prem. 60 J bushel White Corn, E. L. Boyden, Webster, lst pitm. 1 i busbel White Corn, S. Chapín, Sclo, 2d prem. 60 i bushel Black Oats, M. J. Spencer, Webster, lst prem. 1 1} bushel Black Oats, C. G. Clark, Jr., Webster, 2d prem. 60 1J bushel White Oats, J. P. Jewett, Lima, lst prem. 1 11 bushel White Oat, Stephen Mills, Pittsfield, 2d prem. 60 12 ears Yellow Seed Corn.C.B. Cook, Aun Arbor Town lst pvem. 7fl 12 ears Yellow Seed Com, E. L. Boyden, Webster, 2d prem. 60 12 ears White Seed Corn, E. L. Boydan. Webster, lst prem. 75 12 ears Dent Seed Corn, J. C. Blrd, Ann Arbor Town, lst prem. 76 12 ears Dent Seed Curn, E. L. Boyden, Webster, 2d prem. 60 i bush. rye, Benj. Pryor, A. A. Town, lst prem ,76 1 bnsh rye, Justus Wilson, Northfield, 2nd prem -80 } bush peas, Z. Bard, Northfield, lst prera W ) bush peas, Calvin VTneeler, Salem, 2nd pi em ,60 i bush large clover seed, E. WalUngtou, Saline, lst prem ,75 1 busb small clover uced, Thomas White, Northfield, lst prern ,75 } bush small clover seed, C. H. Worden, Snd prem ,60 bnsh timothy 6eed, Thomas White, lstprem ,76 j bnsh tiraothy seed, M. J. Spencer, Webster, 2nd prem ,60 F. Caíuisle, i Lestkh Jbwett, Judges. J. U. Reinold. ClABS 82 - XEEDLE WORK MADE IS IBIB OOUHTY. 1 embroidered handkerchief Miss Lines, Ann Arber, lt prem SI 1 pair einbroidered slippers, Mrs. James Gott, A. A, very c"oci work 1 embroidered handkerchief, Mias Liues, Ana Arbor, good v.ovk. 1 pair euib-oúlered sleevcs, Miss S. A. Ewing, Deüer, yvtj i aüi'.soüa 1 einbroidered skiit, Miss Lines, Anu Arbor, very nice work. 1 embroidered skirt, Mrs. J. Davis, A. A., very ingenious piece of work. There are some very handsome collars placed in class 37 which should have heen entered in class 32. No. 16 in class 87, 1 worked collar, Mrs C. L. Pack, Ann Arbor, oughtto draw the flrst premium. Mes. John W. Maynard, ) Miss S. Welch. j Judges. OLABS 88 - PAINTIXO AND DRAWIXOS MADE IN THIS COUNTY. 1 Oil Painting, Miss H. C. Norris, Aun Arbor City, lat prem. {1 1 Oil Paiiiting, Miss H. C. Norris, Ann Arbor City, 2d prem. "5 1 Monofliromatic Paintine, Mrs. N. M. Sclioff, Ann Arbor, lst prem. 1 1 Monochiomatic Painting, Mrs. N, M. Schoft", Ann Arbor, 2d prem. 75 1 case Ambrotypes, T. D. Tooker, A. A. City, lst prem. 1 Saml. D. Cocerase, ) , , Miss M. Williams, fJUÜLeaCLASS 84 - FLOWERS. Beat collection of Flov.ers, James Toma, A. A. City, lst prem. $2 Best Boquet, Miss J. Uenriques, A. A. City, lst prem. 1 Best Boquet, James Toms, A. A. City, 2d prem. 50 1 Floral Design, Mrs. Catlin, Lima, very beautiful. Owing to the lateaess of the season, the show of Flowers was very limited, but the committee are pleased to say that those exhibited were very fine, and sorae rery ehoice flowers among them, particularly the collection of Mr. Toms. E. M. lÏENRIQrEt, } Mug. N. M. Sohofp, Judges. Miss J. Briohah, ) CLASS 35 - FEMALE EQCESTRIAÍÍISM. Miss M. Ide, Ann Arbor, lst prem. $5 Miss Jennie Smith, Ypsilanti, 2d prem. 4 Miss Nellie Maynard, Ann Arbor, 2i prem. 4 Mrs. Elizabeth Burnett, Tpsilantl, 8d prem. 8 Mrs. John Taylor, an Arbor,3d prem. 8 Horaci Carpekter, 1 Charles S. Greqokt, David M. Finley, ( Solomon Mann, f Judges. Mna. W. M. Singláis, S. R. B. Loed, J MIBCELLANEOUa AETICLES. Class 36 - Gentlemen's Department. 4 specimens Pen Drawing, G. D. Cbaffee, Aun Arbor, executed witli the. left hand, and recommended for premium very highly. 1 Wool Folder and Presser, Rllcy Colé, Adrián, worthy of high conslderatiun, and recommonded for premium. 1 Bed Bottom, A. M. Truesdell, Chicago, recotamonded tj attention 1 Hydropult, C. A. Chapin, Ann Arbor, recommended. 1 sample of Drain Tüe, Doty & Newton, Ann Arbor, an excellent article. and worthy of patroiiaïe. 5 sets Reels, Wm. F. Hatch, Chelsea, recommeuded. 1 Harlison's movable Bee Hives, K. D. Palmer, Brooklyn, deserving of consideration. 1 specimeu Cuuant Wine, Jaoob Volland, Ann Arbor, recommendod. 1 model Barque, I. G. Leuder, A. A. Town, rocommenled hijjhly. 1 pr. Rabbits, C. B. Thompson, Ann Arbor City, rscomnjended. 2 Marble ITeadstones, Eisle &Yandercook, Ana Albor City, recommended. 1 Fig Tree, T A. Haviland, Ann Arbor City, recotumended. 1 Wliat Not, Wm. Armetrong, Anrj Arbur Town, 1 aeorameuded, (verjr pretty.) 9 specimens Marbling and Grainlng, Bruuke & Mathewi, Aau Arbor, recommended. 3 specimens Tabla Tops, Brooko & Mathews, Anu Arbor City, rscomtuended. 1 tpacimen White Poroal&in, Brooks & Mathews, Ann Arbgr City, rcmeuded. Ladles, Tongs, etc, A. J. Suthcrland, Ann Arbor, recommeuded. 1 qt. Yellow Beet Seed, and 1 qt. Rad Beet Seed, R. Exford, Ann Aibor Cuy, very nice and good. 1 lot Red Peppers, Ed. C. Voorhiej, Ann Arbor City, recommeuded. 3 botte Sorghum Syrup, R. Atnbrose, Sharon, worthy of Botica. 1 case Barometers, S. A. Sperry, Ari Arbor City, recommended. 1 specimen of Carring, S. A Sperry, Ann Arbor City, very handsetae, recommended. 1 Picture Frame, I G. Londer, Aan Arbor Town, recommended. 1 ae Photographs, T. D. TooXwr, A. A. City, recommended. 1 Grubbing Machine, S R. Fuller, Bridgen ater, werthy of oomideration. 1 bottle Eider Wine, C. A. Chapin, Anu Arbor City, recoromanded. 1 bottle Currant Wine, C. A. Chapin, Ann Arbor City, recommended. 3 Japan Apple Pie Meions, 8. Maun, Ann Arbor City, new and not understoed. 12 Ambrotypes in cloth frames, Sehsff & Millar, A. A. very beautiful. 2 large Ambrotypes in Gold üvals, Schoff & Miller, Ann Arbor, reoommended. 3 large Ambrotypes, Oak nd Gold, SchorT & Miller, Aun Albor, reaommended. 4 Colored Lithographs Gilt, Schoff & Miller, A. A. recommsnded. 1 large Engraving, Schoff & Miller, A. A. reoommended. To th Executive Committo of the Washtatenaw Agricultural Society : In exainining the numerous and varied articles which were entered ia the Gentlemen's Department under the bead Miseellaiieous, we have been very careful not to overlook eveu the most iusisniüxant, and to give to all a proper degree of atteution. Wo have endeavored also to distinguish between 6uch artieles as we consider simply deserving of notice, and those wortby of premiums. We trust onr recommendations will meet with attention, and that our decisions will give atis. faction. Respectfully submitted. AsDitEW RoBiaoir, i Mus Rider, Judge. Miss Jase Br;gham, ) CLASB 37 - LADIES DEPAETJIEXT. To the Exentive Committee: We the the undersigned having under consideration Class 87,wou!d recommend to yonr consideratien the foliowing articles wortby of a primiuro, viz : 1 model for Swiss Cottage, Charles Fisclier, Ann Arbor City, wortby of your ooníiáaratlon. 1 Hair Wreath in Finme, Wm Armstrous, Ann Arbor Town, a vory nicoyiiece of work. 1 piece Woisled Work, Miss R. ITanriques, Ann Arbor City, deserves your special considerado. 2 specimens of Crayon Drawlag, Miss Lottie Doty, Ann Arbor Tüwd, worthy of uotice. 1 piece Örnnmwitnl Worsted Work, Mrs. W. F. Rmue, A. A. City, worthy of a premium. 1 Chemize Embroidery, Miss Miry on, Ann Arbor City. 1 set Ladle's Furc, John M. Goald, Ann Arbor City. 1 Grecian Oil Pamtins. Mrs. C. L. Paik, Ann Arbor City. 1 lot nf Drafts f.r Buildings, Otarles Fi.-choi-, Ann Arbor City. All of which we would chefrfuüy receñítacDd to your consideration. With respect. Ca-lvin V' . ) JosKPDiNE B. W'KLca, ! Judges. jvufkhii MoCouoit, ) CLASSES oa rABJI. Tho unleii2ned % ieaTe t0 npn, ü. under elan 38 on faron, premiums t rffered by your society tor the flrst and seuond best arranged ana conductod fcnns vf not leas tlin 60 acres, Four farms wcre erterd nnder thl rn!; and your commltte have Tisltod cath ot them Wlth great pleaiuro, na coasldar the farm rïepartiueiit tlie foundation of al! Ui fundamental elements of agricultura. It te with feeüngs of pride that your commltte liave observed the adranceuoeut ia Us cl&í. of industry, and (hat Washtenaw Comny &■„-, challenge the world in acquiremems, facfilities, and capabilities, when compaied wlih the brief space of time since it was reclaloiel from a wild, waste wildorness. The farm of Luther Boyden, of Webster, tl perhnps the model farru of tho Cuuoty, or ooc of them. The beautiful landscapo and broai lanes leading to ovary üeld.or watering place,' or buildings, witta gatos and fencea durabl as the sturdy oak, with maohinery of Qiwf description to facilítate manual labor. A placa for everything and evcrytblug la iu place. To Lutlier Boyden, of TVebaUr, e award the lst pretn $SC 0) To D. M. ülil, of Ypsilanti, we award the 2nd prem ÍO.C'J These farms are conducted on the regular system qí crops, and are worthy ofsatd premiums. The owners of the farms entere, (namely, John S. Nowland, of Scio, and Oícar Eaton, of Lima) ara wortliy oí maJi praise for tlieir untiring lndustry nd pMCverarjco. H. CAF.PEÏTEa, 1 C. 3. GnKooar, Jdgf. N. SiBoao. j 0LA8 39 - OAEDSJTB. Tbe undeisigned, judges n olas No t$t havinjí examined the gardeas nterwl tstt competition, beg leave to ubrult th follwing report : We award the lst pretnlma to C. K. Millen, A A. City, (1000. 2nd prsm to G. D. Hill, A A Town 5,00 The garden of Mr. J. P. Jewett. of Llm, is worthy of a premium, and we much ragret that there are but two premium o&ered Ui this class. We would therefore reeommoml the award of a dlscretionary premium to J, P. Jewett, as his garden has receired muh care, and wore your committee coaflned t vegetables alone, they would feel called uj. oa to award the lst premium to hls gardas. Eespectfully submlttod, Alki. Ewino, I R. P. Lsonasd. j Jadges, CLAS8 89 - BACKISO BOBglg. Tour committee on racking horsej awari} the lst premium to E Wallace. The second to G. W. Orcott. Yonr committee also recommend tfakt k premium be given to Amo Uick tor tbai thiid best. 8. Pabker, ) L. L. E-iydss, V Jodga. Smith BoTsroED,) (Signed) Newto Sueldo, Reo. 8e'f, J. L. Tappaí, Cor. Sec'y, Saturday, October 20th, 1860.


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