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Is Granger A Know-nothing?

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The friends of Mr. Gkangeu haya suoceeded in inducing two oitizens of Manoliestor to swcar thoy were mcmbers of "Cnuncil No. 63 of the Order of the Star Spnngled Bannor," and that they do not know that Mr. B. V. Graxqer was, and tb at is all thcir joint affulavit amounts to. Mesara. Bierce and Spkncbf, howêver, are rery careful to date thcir conimction wit!) tlie order ''from about the fust day of December, A. T. 1 85 1," a date nearly a inonth subsequent to the clection of that year, and after the Counoil had almost entirely completed the work for whioh it was orgauizdd. These affidavits provo nothing. An affidavit has als been procured from Mr. M. T. PüOüt whoso affidavit we published two weeks since plainly obarging that Mr. Granoer was a momber of CouDoil No. 63, and as such incmber took the prosriptive oath required of all membeis of the "Star Spanjled Banner order." Mr. Proüt, in thissreond affidtvit i made to aay that "ho subscribed said affidavit (the one we have alrendy published) under a misrepresontation of its true import," and upon this statement tho Tribun, Adctrttter, and State News, venture to say that the charge against Gra.norr isdisproved. Now, we have oonversed with tlie gsntlemau who drew tho first affiduvit signed by Mr. Pkoot. He assures us that he drew it after a lengthy conversation with said PboTT, and after he, Piiolt, had given a full hiitory of the Counail and of his connection ith t. 11e further assures us that Proüt distinctly tated that at tho time tinii of his initiation iuto tho said council No 63, Bradleï F. Gíían'ger, now tbe Repúblicas, noiniuee for Congress in this listriot, toas it presidiwj ojfictr, cmuliM-Jed the ceremonies, and adminitterfd, the obligations to him. And tint tl'í'á statement is truo we havo no doubt. In fact, this seooudnffidavit of Mr. Pitour does not allego that GiíavgíR was not a ineinber of Counoil No. 63, or in other words :i Kuow Nothing. Mr Proüt will not now a.-iy that that hfl was not; and Mr. Gkangek, hiinsslf dare not denj that he was a Knoic-Nothinj, and that is all we have to say about tho charge.


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