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Poor, Abused Granger

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in ui o liisi issue ui uio oLL iremt wu find the following whining complaiut: "Never was a man more meanly and nlelj maügned and ibused by politieal oppouoiits thau Judge (Jrsnger is by tlio deieotabie crew of politica! jaokals who control the wiri?8 of the Democratie ma oliine iu tliis Congroisional District." WiLI our cotcuiporary point out the abuse whioh Demócrata have ehowered upou Giuxüku? We havo not heard a singlo Democratie speaker abuse Granger, and no Doraocratic paper in the district has alluded during the campaign to his private lifo. We catmot eonceive in wha. the abuso oonsista, unless it mj bu iu tha oft repeated ioquiry of the Fres Press: ''Who is Güangeu." But, tho News says he has been callod a KaowNothing Admit that he has, is that "meaniy aiid vilely" abnsing himï - Would the ao;?ior editor of the News coasider it abue ií gome politioal opponent should charge that he had been a KnowNothing, and an officer of a Kno-NothÍDg Lodge? Would he even deny it? If he would, he would do more than ho ii;s done for his friend Judgo Gisanger or than Judofo Granqer has ventured to do or will venturo to do for hiraself. It is true that tho New publishes soma vits and calis attention tu theni q a very moaly raannar, but it is very oareful not to deny the charge on its own reaponsibility, Judge Okanger is cqually oareful We assart that the aifidavits prove nothing, and that notwithstanding thein Judge Grangbr was a KuowNothing. And he will not deuy it.


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