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- We roernber when tlio old whig party, adop ting the old aristocratie principio, the principie whioh ünderlies tlio vurious grupea of rnonarohies and despoticgov eFiimenta throughout the world, that tho massos are iguorant and corrupt, and that wisdom and virtue are with the minority, boVHy luid claim to possossing 'all tho intolligonco and all tha decency." It vyould fiejm that the Republican party, though boastiog a rnaDtiiy, lays claim to these old f'ancied whig virtues. As proef, we quoto f rom a lutter addréssed by :ur old neighbor and lricnd, Dr. S. S. Cuttkk. of Cld water, in his doublé oapacity of "Moderator of Board of Bduoatioa, and President of Villttge Corporation," to a correspondent in Illinois. The Doctor. 'Moderator," and "President," himself tornierly a whig, now a Republican, says : " Wo have two male teachers in onr schools, and they happen to be Republicana - as I thjuk it otton does with those wIidsö business leads ihem to read or think. 'Tne most of thu laborera omploved by tliu cup iratioü on public worka aro [r'.-ih, whd with bat taiv excoptions, are Driinocrats, not ".iifficiuiitly enligbtoned to be Röu'iWicana." Y.'hat think hunest, intelligent, Democratie Trishmen of this ? Dr. S., like all Republican poüticiaps, has a vury poor opinión of both Iri-ih and Geruians, except. on eleetion day.whon tbctir ïotaa are wanted for the whole or a pr.rtion ol tho Republican ticket. Bnt there is one tbiog of hich tho Dr. mty rest as.snred tha. Irish aru too cnlightened to vote the Republican ti ;kot.


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