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"all The Decency."

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-Our fricnc Outteii, of Coldwater, is wil] bo een by nother article in our columns, has claimed for the Reptiblicao party "all the Qtelligeooo," and wovld-be Gov. Bi. air puts in the claim for "all the decenoy." In a rooent speooh at Grand Rapids ha soouted the idea o un honest Ddinocriit,Kiud "ho had never iilludüd to the possibility ut there being one, without oreating laughlor," and then exuiuimed : "Go inlo any drinJting saloon iou uil!, or inlo any gamblïng heil, and f ihe tubjcct of fnlitics is intr' diteed, the cry Hm rak for Douglas, leill grect your ears " Wi) will wager Mc. Bi.m a ''dozen raw," that fuil half OÍ the '' drinking SÉÖoons" and 'guinbling liells" in the State aro kept by líejxibíioíins, and that leuding Republican politicians are ainoiig their bust cuhtomors. Do the latter "cry, hurrah for Douglas." No one but a foul-inoirhed demagogue woulJ utter the charge Mr. Blair doos agaiast his deuiooratio fellow citizens.


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