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.Let no voter hand in hw ballot ie bas read overy name thereon, unloss ie bas reoeived it from afrieudin whom ie has tlie rnost iinplioit confidence ; md even then it is better to trust one's eyiis than thoso of another. See that your ticket is right, that the ñamo oí no Republican candidatos have been Btnuggted into it, and that it isa clean Democratie ticket. J55J" Beare f oircuiars which wil! ho put into your hand on elecïion ■noruing; ei oulurs belying this or.thnt Democratie caodidate Tbeae candidatos havo now been before tho people from two tü tbree tnontbs and any charae atrainst thom whicli oould have boon made with truth, would havo fouod the ligbt boforo this. In nine cases out of ten election day ohargea may bo branded as standers. Tïr" Beware of bogas, fraudaleqt, and split tickets. Do nut be che.ited out of' your vote, nor take it torgranted tho ticket offiifud yon is right becatiwe the beading is right. 8oe that every n;irnu on it is right, aod then vote t.