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The Last Chance

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-The Board of Regiatration in the severa! Vvards ot tliis City - and ilso in tho several Townships - will close their session at 5 o'clock, to-morrow, and any vote'1 not regiatered bofore that. hour will lose his voto. Our Damocratio iriend should look to this matter, nnd see that every voter is registered. ty Go to the polls oarly on Tues day nest, dcposit your ticket, and hen go to work, Soa that your iek, infirm, orjame Democratie neighbor is piovid. ed moans to get to the polls, and when he has votod taken home again. And don't cali your day's work done until every vote is in, the polls closed, and the Totes coanted. Then will bo time onough to rest on your arms. f A corren[)ondant of the Detroit Democrat advies us thuí : "Use your influünce to havo Mr. Loturop withdraw, and Mr. Oosbüï can be elucted orer (íravobr." Couldn't do it, would assoon thinkof callinguprn the tun "dry np" with a view of letting this little eartti run by moonlight, that is if the moon duin t depend ior its own iame on borro wed light. 2L" Senator Ouandlbb has been "down to Egypt," Senator Ghaxdlek has been making speeches "down thar, " Senator Chandlkr is now lltu hum," and Senator Ciiaxdler, having the utinost confidence in the work iie has done, repons that Illinois will give 30,000 rnajority for Lincoln. What a pity ! Jf" Challenge every Ilegal vote,and insist upon bis awearfng in hi vote We want none but legal voters to vote Mie Democratie ticket, and don't want Kepablioan candidates electcd by ille gel votes. Sae to it. LL Our candidate for Sheriff, Mr. Pattison, Saline, will bu victoriously fcleeted as he so justly deserves, and the spoils of office in old Washienaw :-bnll not bo even shared by Detaocracy - Sla te News. In that"golorious''event which isto be the Sheriff s organ? or will the Journal and Newt go '-snucks' ? leaving the Ypsilanti Senttnel to grow fat on the Probate patronage. But our neighbor would do well not to fatten on the "spoils of office" uutil after election. Mr O. J. Waud. of Lodi, agd 65 ycr dieJ at Saline on the 2üth uit , from the e-fft-et of poison ocoiilentnlly tüken R few lnys before. Extract of belladona was taken ly Mr. Wakb nndor tha inpposition thnt it 5 XT!le Cf (ÏUP'VÜO.


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