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Frauds In Indiana

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i luí Crawlonlsvillo (Indiana) Reviere saya : "EvidencQ of tho most unparalleií frauds are daily loorning up against tho abolition leader in thia counly. A comparisoD of the poll-books of tliia townsliip witli the census retaras shows seventy-fire nani's noi recorded upon the censii hcicik of Union township. ís not this evidence of the most damnable and oijtrageous frauds ever perpetrated npon a tree people ? The céneos oí Union towDship was taken in August, and in the brief period of one month the vote ot the townsliip is inoreased seventy-five, wbich, at the same rate of lacrease, would givo us ninehundred rotes in ever)' twolve inonths, and swell our )opulation (allowing one vote to every (ive Dbabi tante) within the same brief period to íour thousand five hundred souls." G The Oolumbus (Ga.) Star saya: "Tluit Alabatna will cast her voto tor the Douglaa electoral ticket is, i'rom all we can gathor, beyond a pofesibitity oí a doubt. Our fpiends North, South, East, and ia the grcat West, may put down this noble oíd democratie Stato for Douglas. Unül recently. wc were dispoaed to give the Stato to Bell. - But 'Coming evente cast their shaduws böfnre, and banish that delusion. Donglas' nwyority in that State will not bo less thn three thousand. And it will not surprise us if be gets within 8,00U votes of a mujority of tbe whole voto oi the State."


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