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On Thursduy eveningof last W''ek, r mee'" ing was held at Hungsterfcr s Hall anda New York Society was orguuized After the ; doption of a Oür.stuuUou ih followiug offieers were eleoted : Pretidtnt- Dr H P. Tappan Viee Prctidentt -E W. Mobgan, and E C. Seamam Secretary - J H. Büeleson. Treaturer. - H. D BenkTT. The objeet of ihe S 'Oieiy s to bringtogethcr in eucial intercourse of our oitilent from New York, r who are düscendHnta of Ntw Yurkers. As n means to nceoru 1 isla this objeot an adJrcss will bn dehveied t th annual meeting in vaeh yaar. and a aup per provided. eat, and enjoyad. The anuual meeting this yaar will occur nn Thursday, the 6 Ui of DdOBinbor undthíñr. animal addrese will bc delivered by Dr T vppas The ociety is not confinad to citizen of our Ciiy, but ite doors av open toauy N Yorker by birth or deseent Cali orí theSacretary and cnrol your aame among the member


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