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The Gymnasium Of Mr. Roemler

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Thi gentleman hab established a uyuiiiaeium for st uden is. luwyen mfrchan's aud otheri in needof exercise, or those leading a seden tary life It i situated over the Store of Maek & Scbmid, nnd admirably fitled for the purpose for whioh t is des.gned. It oontains ladders, horizontal and obliqae parallel bars, vavlting horses, horizontal i ar, pring board, trepaise swing, pulleys, dumbbells. Ac This is on instituti n that has been muoh neeiled in our eily for a long tme past, and Mr Roemleb exhibits murh spirit and euter in baiiig the first to introduce a well regulated Behool for the cquirtnient of gymnastij and ph sical educaron Mr Eoemlee teuohi'S in clueees. or those Xfishing can join siugly, and exTcise whcn tbey like. provided it does not iutertere with regubirly tstablisljed ciueses Hi terms for Bingle suliscribers ip fi?c dollars per year, and "wi'b clftses wj believe eomethingf less. The gymnnsium is furnislivd wii h toils and CDfisks fur thüse that deeire to lesiona in ilie art of lenoing o' whicli uooeroplitboxat Mr. ' OIMI.ER is a finiehed master. Phy Mal eiiucation at this doy niuch n-cctssity ns nnv other nimost; and ns b general thu.g g inuch neglee'cd by our Btu d nts and otlitT men iif sedentary habita. - There is not a ycmng man in 3d ege proba bly wbosa iarents woul.l not at lier he would become a meiiiher of sueh wtll rcgumtid. gMtleinanly e-talhslmnt. Mr Rolmuhs than not Physical culture is une oftheo eeesi ie of the oge and every town Bliould sustain o gymnasium for youni; and ui.ddie ged mn to nn-et and exercise in. Mr. Boemlkr destrves patronage and aid from all elasies uf Htuilenti, ns wel! as fro-n oui' citi nê,and we hope h will receie it.


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