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RI8D0N & HENDEllSüN i BÏjOCKXE "W HARDWARE STORE!!! ' i WB tron,t CAti te ATTTjrrtox or tttk f mi.ic fa oar flíóci of atlSt ML BL. 3"O tKW H. ETS. "BES i fii HEC GGO "ML MH && 9 IIIOX, STEEL, i 2ÏAIL8,'TIX, C01TE1Í, fc SHEET ; IRON WARE, CHAIN AXD CISTERN PUMF8, I'AtlNTS, OÍLS, GLASS, BRITAKJS'iA WARE, cêc, &c, Sc., Lc. Aul every kjad of Hardware and House Furnishing , AH . orï will boold m CHEA1' s t any o'.hfr Establishment in Michigan. Te iay we have got the Best Assortment of Cooking PAR LOR AND l'LATE T3E3EISI STATE, And will sell them Ch&aper than THE CHEAPliST, Pleaa oftll and we u. All klnill of tin ware kept on hand. Particular alMntfoapaid lo all kialt of Whicb Wil] bè done wlrli NEATNESS KNDDJSPkTCn. ( T Plrwe Uinfl w nul FTOVE RCOM !d 24 torr . of New E:oA. RIFDON HEN'DERSOX. nn Arbnr. Oef. ï, 180. I LOOMÏS & TRÏFP, Succt.;sorB tfl Chapín t Loomis.aiKlClMpin, Tripp 4 Loomis rTHEbOT ilrm of Loomis Í: Trlpp havinjr purchasort ! lb eatin interes! of tdo former ootnpiuii"! f coiltinuf tho Ilininf isü t the olil stuiuls, nhf ie tlioy will bc rcnlj, od theebortest notlce, (o eilll order in the ■ ÜUO ü( Castings and Machinery, In the most vorkmuUflt mnnaor, and on as libern! terms ■ rnr othor shop in the State. Among the vari on articlepriiaaiifactureil br OS, we wou ld em. mírale STEAMENGÏNKS of alljkioiis; Mili irinpr and Klxturea, wroufbi an' casi: alltbe Tjrios caliii?- for m.iUinir and repiuring Iorse Pwwers &Jhre8bing Machine ucb 6 are' "ont, or hnvp formerly boen in us' Ua pn of thVWe, W i sli ? ' '■' ítiiíg anil machine or rs:,'..:1 ff'r !.v frmerr n mechanica tntbla ecliou of the coun'ry f all the vnrious patifni1 , n] in i.zesandprices, wül ' lept coi.itAntly on hand, got the most modem atad , ; iroTeÖ attlptt. EUBBARDS WROTTGHT IRON REAPERS & MOWERS. EftTÍDf oommunoeü mnnivfaciurlni tíiiR laperlorMa Line, single and comïiint-d, the faittiers are invited í i jiII aud pp a üpecimon mftcttlsfl 00 in oar ware rooin, bei'trc purcbMingêUewhore, beliri thftt ibis uachintneed onlj to bf ncn to cnvince tliefarmer of irs 8TTPEEI0RITT over the Keepers and Kowerfl in thiï mftrket. Thankfbl for fermer patronge tathM Umi, w ivouM & con'iouanc'1 . '.5,. ad a trial ït all wishing foranrthin in our lin of b isinMtf ' L00Ü13 : TH1P1". Ann Albor, Maj ISth, 18SD. OSTlf GREAT GIFTSALï -ofBOOES&JEWELRT SCHOFF & MILLER JNJORDERTÜ MAKB EOOM TOR 8PHIW& STOOK, hare determmed to ell their MIS CEL LA NEO US B0 0K& -AT- PUBLISHER'S PRIOES, Each Purchaser a Present I r&lae f ron 50 Cents Up to $100 WJTM E A C H B00KS0LD. fc_ Oall early and eiamine 'heir Book and Preienti Ann Arbor, Mmch 3, 1880. T301f DENT1ST OrriCE eorne of Mrain S Huronstreot, opposite tho l'ranklin House, Ann Arbor, where he contin ie to offer bia customer anj style of work desired in the art ff Surgical Mechanical & Denistry, Teeth fillcd wlth crjetnl gold foil and ponpo gM, Jwhich for beauty anl durability eannot be EurpaHRed. Particular attention paid to (Jisejiseüof the mouthasd gums, rvmedyü]g irrlai-ily of the'teetb, ml opcraj ; uoni fr Daudraii in casos of difficult and Imperfect 5: dentition. ■ Therc are many new nd beantiful improwmsnia latcly introduced intoiicchai.icalDontitvy, wliich ] for beauty, natural cxpreimon, and etrcngtb ■!' mrk. 1 cannot fail tö picase. Whole or set on gold j plate,ilver plate, continuouB gum, work platina píate. ' Also anewanil rnproved methodof inscrtiriK toHh n tbe volcaniied rubber and Rutta percha base.called ÍOoraliU ithich ia nrnny repcct upericdeB all mctalic 98 II MAMIC0D 5 How Lost and How Restored. H Juxt Pubhshed in a Sealed Envtlopc ' A LKCTURF, ON THE NATURE. TRKATMKNT ANB Í RADICAL .CORK OF -TF.RmATORIïHOEA, or Weeknew, Sexual Dobility, NcrvooBOen and Invoiunta ry fininioafl productof Inipotency, Conaumption, an3 , Mental and Pbjstcal Drbilitj. . BY ROB. J. CULTERWELL, M. D. tj Theimpnrtunt factthat the awful conncqupnceR oi Í selfabusf may be eiTrctually removed without interna: rmeiicíí or tlic dangerou applicatioo of caustica, )■- Btrument, medicated bongiea, and other tmpyrlcal de victffljta here cU'urly demonstra Hf!, and the fnrirely ncw and higbly suCCianil treatmont, as adopted by the celeJ bia.ltJ a.uthor fully explained, by menns ui whicb eci j oné. f s enablect to cure lumsolf port'ectly, and at w T Imk! pofütitUenit, U.frcby avuiding all the attvrrtist-d m noatrpmi of tho dav. This Leetort will prove a boon tt m tboucands and thomandn. -. Stnt under iral to any addrfü, poit paid, on th re S wipt of two pottag stampt, by a-ldrennin Dr. CHAS J J.C. KLJKJC) 480ïrft imvt, New York. Powt mi -, 4,WC. tí


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