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GRÉAT BARGA ÍNSJj - AT - 1 1 Maynard, Stebbins & Wilson's. ] i WE HATÍ .IGAIS MTIJWISHED OÜK STÜRE Wlïil ' Ui (plaBdid kiKxfc af I l tit fVAS oifci-rl in y t Mt&tllahnoat m ilie bíAtf, ftJl uf ffhich w offbr fr 1 O&&!}0 @D 3 K S ÍS) 1D (3 [1 : We want Money ! i4 wfll umin i Srent Saerifiees a áoubifijj i i weïinre to obiiin 14, nöt exeepting ' OLD NOTES AND ACCOUNTS ALL GASH 0D8T0MÏÏRS tn onll and mfnt ?r Gimi anfl m. %T dn inrfte our Prompt Payhig Customers to om nni buy ih"ir mippliflK for tbé Winter. Tothosi Uftili.'1';! oayfc ihiu aio alVaifl to otU, w a tö vliem, tak. cour (ie i without langer waiH].fdr ltihr prloM, oom la, &A.-Sr XJ3P ld #corM,nífBín atingí i.rii'A m will nuki np al! kBft. Zt 11 b&rdl; nweMKirr to pnumomie our uoolls, fot We have Everything! A lörgv aortTttfflt df , CAHPEING, CROCKERÏ DRY GOOUS, M E Dl IN ES, GEO ïEIES, PAlNTBj OILS, ffAT, APS, BOOTS, SU GES YANKEE KOT1ONS Ac, &co S:c. O[LL Kl SS Qi)? (716tn MATNAKD. STUIBTO k. WII.PO M. W. HAWLEY'3 Celebrated Embrocation. For Human FJcsb uiid Animáis. N eaiHne the attentioi. f the Pabilo to ttib Modicln ■ wewonm 5av that H lias beet) fully tricd, nn! hundreds who have uRe'i it spenk in the must coinpüinentary terms of lts wonderful eflbots upon Humnn Fletb and tlie bruto crc;ition. Iï Is fst guiniinj populurity. Whorever wed it i receivcd witli ncc!auniions of joy, nd protonnced ' bo the preatest Koincdj' for Aclies and Tatut #verofferod the I'ultlic. lts mtrly efft'cts ovt-r discas whon appHet!, pives It oolebr!ty usarpUMd hy nnv external prcparaüon now In uwv Tbereforo we om wy, wWh iho utmost couGiIcdo th&t t ho EmbrooaÜ1 wilï Curo Rhcum&Hm, " Burn mul Sealdt. Weaknoss of Joint, SwelÜnffs and ïumorl Hemorrliolds or Pilei, ■ Chllblafns, Tooüiache and Chnpped HtmH AateocatiOB wQl Cnrc Old Sores and Crampft, Bous and Corns, Contracted Muscles, OalUofall kind, Ring Bone and Poll Ktll, CaIIous and SpavlD, ftBWontktt wlll Ota Sweeny and bitfast ' Sprinphault and Fístula,, Scratche or Greas % Kïternal Polsons, Band Cracks, ■ Latnencsa and Str&tptj SCBbrootlon wlll Ou Foundorcd 1'eet, u Maneo ■ Cracked Teats, Garget in Cowb, ■ Toot Rot tn Sbeep. Attbubn, i. 1., Marcb 9, 18S0. We, fhe nmdcrslfned, do certlfy, that we have usod ÍL 1lt. Hawlet's Celïbeatid ÈsAiROCATioN, for InflainmaÍpy and Chronic Kheuniaiihin, and c[icrfully rccommawl m tho best remedv we Uave over utod. J. M. Morris, M. IX, Jaincs I,. TTowton, L. W. Clement Orrin Hurd, Peter Fiero, 8. F. Goold. 9. B. Robinnon, of Propbotatown, Dl., eays: I eteom ft til e best Ltnïment I have ever known. It ;ivcs univcnutl ■itlsfactinn, and I c&n ttliy to it officacy from mj owm Kperlence. Mannfactnred by M. W. HAWLEY. AnbnrD, N. T. a N. TUTTLE, Aubnrn, N. T., General Ant to Wbora all orders stionld be addressed. 6o)d by all Drugji and MwobaoU thronghoal tb MWtfTaauby MAi'NAUD, 8TEBBWS W1LSON, Aun Árbor, Mich . f L"b tf X" L52 RICH GOODS! Clieap Goods! ! - BACH & PIERSON TT AVE JUST OPENED THE CHOICEST STOCK - or- FALL AND WINTER GOODS to be found in tbis City, consisting oí GOODS FOR GENTLEMEN ! substnntinl ftnd durable, GOODS FOR LAD1M! GOODS FOR TIIEMECIIANIC GOODS FOR THE FARMER.' DOMESTICS, STAPLUS, all Oarcfully selocted, Waranted to pleae, nd for salo clieap. BAOII & PIKRSON. Ootober, 1860, 788tf npHJS PEORÍA MARINE & PIRE A INSURANCE COMPANY. OF PEORÍA, ILLINOIS. Capita], - - - 8500,000 ono of the ni:AVIB;T, SATKST aml BgET Insiu-anoo Co's. in tUo U. S. Idsuu'h on rüaBOiallo ter m, kndalyraye pnj promptljr Tliers i no btvr Fire kuruni lVutpaiiy .


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