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Scrofïüa, or King's Evil, ( is a conslitutional discase, a corruption of the blood, by whioh thia iluid bccomca vitiatcd, weok, and poor. Being in the circulation, it porvados tlie whols body, md may buist out ui dise&M on any part of it. No organ is freo from iU attucks, nor is thcre one which it may not destroy. T)ic scrofulous taint is variously MUsed by mercurial disease, low living, disordcrod or unhcalthy food, impure air, ñlth and iiltliy habits, the deproesing vices, and, ] ftbovo all, by the venérea! infoctioñ. Whatever bc its origin, it is hcreditary in the confititution, desccnding 4t from parcnts to children unto the third and fourth Rrnoration ; " indeed, it seems to be the rod of llim who says, "I r wi]l visit the tniquities of the luthers upoa thcir cliildrcn." ' lts cfiects commence by deposition from the blood of corrupt or ulocrous matter, whu-h, in the lung.i, liver, and internat organs, is termed , tubcrcle.-s ; in the glands, swélïines ; and on the Burfaco, eruptions or sores. ïhis foul corruption, which genders in the blood, depressos tlio energiea of life, so that scrofulous constitutions not only suffer from scrofulous ( plaints, but they have far less power to withstand the attocks of othcr discases; consequcntly vast number3 pcrisl. by disorder , whieh, although not scrofulous in tlieir nature, re stül rendcred fatal by this taint in the system. Most of the consumption which decimates the human family has its origin dircctly in this scrofulous contamination ; and manjr destructivo discases of the liver, kidneys, brain, and, indeed, of all the organs, arise from or ■ re aggravated by the same cause. One quarter of all our people are scrofulous their persons are invaded by this lurking infection, and their hcalth is undermined by it. ! p To cleanse it from the system we must renorate ! li tho blood by an altcratlve medicine, and r yigorato it by healthy food and exercise, ' Suoh a medicine vo eupply in AYER'S Compoimd Extract of Sarsaparilla, ;; the most cffcctual remedy which the medical l ikill of our time3 can devise for this ' ■where prevailingand fatal malady. It is combined from the most active remediáis that have been discovcred for the expurgation of this foul disorder frora the blood, and the reseue of the system from its destructivo consequences. Henee it should be employed for the euro of not only Scrofula, but also those othcr affections which arise from it, such as Ehlttivb and Skix Biseases, St. Anthont'b Firb, Kose, or EaTSirr.i.As, Fimplbs, Pustules, c Blotchf.s, Blains and Boils, Tumors, Tetter ] and Sai.t Riiixm, Scat.d IIead, Hinovokm, Riieumatism, SïPiui.iïic nnd MercvuUL Diseases, UítorsY, Dispepsia, Duhility, nnd, indeed, ATX COMBLAIKT ABI8IN0 V1MKI VlTIAtkd on Impuiib Blood. Tho popular belief in " impurity of the blood ". is foundcd in truth, for scrofula isa degeneration of tlie blood. The ( particular purpose and virtuo of this Sarsaparilla íb to puril'y and regenérate this vital fluid, ■without which sound health is impossible in oontamiiialed constitutions. AYER'S Agüe Cure, TOB THE SPEEDY CUPE OF Xntermtttent Fcver, or Fever and AgTie Remlttcnt Fcrer, Chili Fcver, Dumb j Aguo, Perlodical Headaclie, or Billou Hcadaclie, and Bllious Fcver, indeed tor tlie whole daas of diseases orlglliating i bUiary dcrangenicnt, caused by tlio Malaria of Ilasmatic touutries. We are enabïed here to offer tho communlty a remedy which, while it cures tlio above oom plaints witb certñiüty. is stilt perfeotly harntless Í ftiiy iuantity. Such a remedy is inviihuible In diatricts where tbose afflictiug dUordr pi-evall. Th i s "Cure" expels tho rntaimáUo polson of Fever axd Aouk from the iyelem, and pr& veuta the development of the disease, if taken on tho flrst approach of its premotiltory fyiuptoms. ït is uot only the bsst jemedy over yet discoreteil for tiils class of ooini)laints, but also the cheapest. Tho large quautity we supply for a dollar brings it withi tho reach of erery body ; and ia billous districts, wliere Fkver and ActR prevalía, every body should havo it and uso it freely both for cure and protection. It is ho)ed this price wlll place it wilhin tliií reach of all - the poor ns well as the rich. A great Biipciiotity of tliiy romedy over any other ever dlscovercd for tho speedy anrt certain cure of Intermittents is, that it contalns no Quinine or mhu'ral, conseqnently it produces no qninism or othcr injnrious effects whatever upon the eonatltütion. Thase eured by it are left as healthy as if tfcej hail never bad the iliscase. Fever and Agua is not alone the ooiueqnsDM of tho Difaxmatic poison. A great variety of disurduis arbe from it irrltation, among which re Neuralgia. Jitietmatism, Gotttt Jfeadache, Ijlmdness, ToothadiBy JSarache, Gitarvh, Atihma, JPalpÜatimt, Painui Affti&o "f the fyltcn, Eistcrics, Puin in Vtt Jtowels, CoUc, Paraltsis, and Derangtmtnt of the Rtomach, all of wblcb, when originating In thi cauHo, put on tho intermitieni type, or become periódica!. ïhi "Ccrk" expels the polson fiom the blood, and consequcutly curvs theiu all aiike. It is an invaluablo protectloD to Immtgrantx nnd pvrfion travelling or temporiirily ïesiding in the inalarions diritricts. If taken occasion al ly or dnily whilo expotod to tho iufoction, that will bo excrnteil from the uystcni, ond ciuuot nrcuimiliite in BufBcient quantity to rJpl into 1Ípí' .(-".' Henee it is even mora valimbiu for protection than cure, and few will evor suffer frtnn Tntcruiittents if thcy avail tht-mselves of tho protectlou this remedy aüords. Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., LOWELL, MASS. MATNARD STEBW IA WISON.and by till Druggisis and Dealeri everjirhere; J. EUIiKILL Traveling Agent. An aperient Stom'achic preparation oflRON parïefid in Oxygen and Carbon by combustión in Jlylrogen. ctioned by the higheüt Medical Authoritfes, botli in Bu rojw and tlie United States, and presorQied in their pracice The experienreof thQnsanda daJly prove that no proparationof íron can be compared with i+. (rapurities of the blood, depressitmi o" vital energy, pale and otberkly complexión Indicator it Deeesslty ín every conceivable cue. InnoxlóuB in all malrulies in which it hns been tried, has proved absolntely cunittvein each of tbc folloning complaiats. vis: In UfïvlTKy.Worvotig AílVíHoii, Eninolntloti iyspt jisln, ('onsdpuiloii, Plavi'ïifX'a, ryst'itte ry, IiulpH-nt CoiMtnmptlon, Strofult.iis 'Vnl;rcïiiis, Snit ticnm. Mimenstruation, Vhi;c$, ChlotQSis, Lircr-Compïa'm'.s, Chnmic Ib-adnches, Iluumattsm, Inlermiltenl Fererst Pimples on the fViri, &c. ■ ■■[ Gensral ! ■kiiimtv, whetlii v the rttsuli ■■ rliscaat.', or of tlie cr-ntinucd diminuí. en oi' Ikervoñé and muscular energy from ebronte comptotats, one trial oi this restorative bas proved sücccs'uI to an extent which no desoHptlcfn nor written attestaifon would ronder credible. Inviilids so long brl riiUlen as to have become forgottrn in tbeir own i". hborhoodsj havesuddeniy re-appeared Í11 tbebnsy world as Ifjust relamed from protracted travel ina dista nt land. SomO vitv s!gnti [nBtanoea of thia kind are attestedof témale sufforere, emactatcd viotims of apparent maramufl) Banguineoaa exl fi ustión, critica! cbaogés, and that compUcation of nervous and dyapepflo aversión to air and exereise t'ur wbloh thophygleian has no name. In KlBTOUa Affkciions of all kinds, and for reasons famUíar to medical men, the operattojo oí this prêpara (ion of ron must nece.ssftrily be .alntary, for, uclihe the oíd oxides, itigYigoronsJy tonlo withoul being i and overheatingj and gently, Mi'arlj :i pertent, even tho movt nitiinate caso.s of costirene without even befng x gastric purgat ive, or in(tictu) a dlsagrecoble Benaation. It s i his latter properly, among otbers, irhlch malees t so emarkabïy effectual Pile, upnn which it abjo appears to exert a difttinct and speciiic action by diBpertinff the local tendency which fonn.3 thon. In DtspepSU, Innumerable as are 'üa cauces, a single box of tiloso Cbalybeate 1'iJls have ofíen sufficed for the most habitual cases, including the attendent Coativentsa h onehecked Djarrsjsa, eyen when atlvanced to Dysenttry ennfirmed, emaciattng ani apparently nú the effftcH havwg been eonally decWve and astoniuhing In the loea) pateis, low oï Been and Btrengtb,, debllitating cough, anl remi t tent heet ie, which general ly indícate Inopicnt Gnisumption, in several very gratifylng and lateresting Inatonóes. In Scrofulous Tubercuolsis, this medicated Iron bas had far more. than the good offerte the most cautionsly babneed prepaiatlons of iodine, without any of aoeir wcll knOwn li;tlihties. Tlie attention of remaleKoannotbetooeonfidently invitel ti tl).- rctnrdynú restoraiivein the cásea pecaUarly afft'ctinti tlu-m. In fl! knti.iaufitn, both chrónio and infla mm.itory - in the Ia1 lor, howeverj more decldedly - it has been Ini well reporUü, bcith a&alleviating pain nnd relucing the B vellingsand stf ffaesa of the joints and taq In IniermitUni Fever it raust noocsAarlly bea great remi"!v :iM'! ener Ie restorative, and i' - hc ncw Beitlementá of th West, wIU probably be one of high renown and raefumesa No remedy has over been disco ver cd m the wholehlstory "f mriieiiu', wliich exerts snch prompt , happy, and rally restorative effects Good appehte, completo di gestioc npld acqttlsitlon of atrengtu, wlth an unusual dlsposltlon for nctive aud cbeerful exercise, immcd!ately follow its use. Put up in neat flnt meial boxes cnnt.iining 'ÖO pills, price 50 cenia per box; íbr Rale by drnggiets and dealers. Will be sent fn-o to any addresa on receipt of the price. All letters, orderf, etc-, should beaddressed to B. B. LOCKE.&Cn , General Agent, 477yl 339Broadway,N. Y. DEFOREST,AKMSTRüNG & CO. DRY GOODS MERCHANTS, 8O & 82 Chnmbers St. JV. Y. Tjrrorrn XOTn-V TUK TRAPE that tney are openin VV Weekly, inntw and beavitiful pattoniH, the jno tuk -A. X33.OfSlX.OL%gr9 A New Print, wliich exeels every Print in the Oetmtry fo perfeotión of exeention and design in ful] l'ad'ler CoïOM.- Our l'rintb are chimper iban any ia aarket,uiü GREAT. GREATER GREATEST BA KG SJNS EVER Cl 1 1 BI I 1 859. jEfO 59. In tliÍ3 City, are uow beingoffered at tha CHEA1CLOCK, WATCH, & Tovs7lry StoiOriiHK Sribscribnr wnuldatiy to tht' cirtzoii(if Anti ArI bor.1 particular, and the real of Wafhlenaw innnti IngenerRl, thal lhmjust IMPOItl'KD PlitKCTI.Y fr,m KUROPE.a Tremendous Stock of Watchca! Uiofwhlch he bindt himsflf tn teil CHEAPER tlmn oao btf boaght west.of New York City. 3panFte CyHnder Wntches irom $6 to f]0 do do Lover do do 8 to 21 [luuting Cate do do do 14 to 35 do do Oylinder io o 9 to 26 [Sold Watehe from 30 to 150 1 :vc alio tut CELE BR ATEO AMER'CAN WAT CHES, crblcb I wlll aeu ttr $35. Evory atch warranted to jerlbnn well, or tbe monoy rttundcd. Clockg, Jewclry, Piated Ware, Fnncy Gnoi, Gold Peoa, lluttoa] Instruinenti aod fltrings, Cutlery, Ac, tud in iart Tftrictj of eVerythinff uaunlly keptby Jewelnrs con b houghtforthe npxt ninoty êhyn j i v--r.OÏÏS PRICES! Peraom bujing aiiytliin? at ihis wr]l known eitabistJtne ut crtn rfily upon setting goods cxnc-t'y as rcpi'Pttntd, or thenicjiipy refüncted. Oalïonrly und aeare the best bnrgAius ever olï'ored in thit City. One word in regard to Repairing : Wc are preparad to mnke nny repairs onfine or comTioii Wn!chf?s, fvt-n tn imtkine c er the eutírc wnïrh, t' necesBiiry. Ropuiring of Clocks and Jewnlry as isunl. Also the mannfaotaiing ot RINGS, BROGCHrf, ir BOytfalng rfosired, froin Culilnria Gold on short noice. Enpravirijr in nllita branches exet;ntcd with neat nesB and diapatch. J C. WATTS. Anu Arbor, Jan. S8thl859. 7Í iw 3omething Worth Reading! SchotT&iMilIer, A1ÍK AGAIN ON KAND,attheirld and, (Thrne ünorsNorthof Frankün House,) with the mott 'limpíete snd Extensivo Assort mest -OFBooks and Stationery, Wall and Window Papers, Oil Painted, and Gold Boidered Shades, Curtain Bellers, Tassels, Cords, AND A THOUSAND AND ONE THINGS In thfir line, KNTI1ÍK' Y TOO NUMIROUSTO M ENTION, whicli th9yiu(Tite their friends, and the tmblit gene"ally, to OALXi tas 3B3EVlVEZZrXI Before Purchasing Elsewbere, is tley flattrr tliemselvcsthal their ?tjl(t and Priv cannot fsil to troe sattsjactory. Arbnr ' r.y 1, 1850. ÍTüR ACE WATERS, AGENT 3 33 Broadway, lï c vr Y o'r k Fubllsher of Mu-lc nn;l Mnslc Books AND Dr.-W.ER IS Pianos, Melodeous, Alexandre Organs ürgan Accordeons, Marti q 'e cclebrated and other Guitars, Violins, Tenor Viols, ViolinceUos, Accordeons, Flut in as, Platee, "Fifes, TriunglesCiarinettSjTuninir Forks,Pipe andHammers, Violin Bows, best Italian Stringe, Baas Instrument for Bandft, Piaino Stools, and covers, and all kinds of Musical Inytruinents. jO Xi. o o t ïvs: ti s i o, t' rom nll the publishera in th U. S., Bertini'fl llunliirs, ..udI, and all kinds of [nstrnction liooks for thr abore uutrumentsi Church Slusic Books; MüsÏc . boünd; iliisic paper, and all kiinln of Music adise, At t beLowest Pricc s. New IManoi, t S175, SüíW, 1826, t2ö0,andnp to $?!00. Secónd . dos (ton il--" ni to S160; New Uelodeon, S4.", Í60, S76rS100, mfl up to $200; Seeood Etend Mofodeona . i Organs, with Qvestops, sifio. ■ . $186 anti $225; thlrtn stops, $250, $276 and ipg, $320 :t:iil $376; A liberal discount 0 Clörgymen, Churche, Snbbftth Scbools, Seminaries cherfi. The Trade erupplied at UieosuaJ trada lUcoutf Vcstlmoiilnls of tlic lïorace Wnfers Plaiios umi MelodvoiiBi John Höwett, of Oarthagp, New York, who has had ■ nu' of' ilic HoraccWal wrltef a? followa: - ■lA fVleud of mine wishes me to purchasB a plano ar hor. Öhi ükas thftoncyousold me in Dei Mv piano ia becoming popular in this plscp, and ï think I can Introduce OöO or two more; they will he motto popu1 ■ than any olber mafce." ■Wc have two oí Waters' Piano in uso in ourSemj narv, uuc of whlcb Üiiw boen wverely tested for three ?ears. and we can teatify to their good quulity and durability.11- il & Gregory, Mottnt Carroll, JU. 'H, Vjitcrs, Esq. - DkaR Sib: Baring used oneof jour Piano Fortes for two years paat. I bavo fonnd taveiy superior Instrument. AlOSZO GBAT, Principal Brookïyn HUtht& Samnérf. "The Piano T received from you continue! to rive sai isfaotion. 1 regard il as onc of we beal nstrumeois in the : !.. Clabkb, CharUsUm, Va. "1 lio Melodeon Iirs aafeiv arrlted. 1 feel obllffp'i fo you fory our liberal íliscount." Rcv. J. M. UcCoRCk, YarguesvilteS, C. ■'The i no was dnly receivedi Itcmn n excellent conditión, and Es rery mucli admired by my numeroufl familyt Aflcppi my thanka for yonr promptneas." - COOPKB, Warrenham, ïiratjoed Co. Pa. "Vuur plano pleákes us weU, It ia the bet one in our ■ CDunty.",- TlIO.M:is A. LaTHAJI, Camphellton , Ga. ■- are verj mach obliged to you ror haring sent - icb b litit! insirumentforS'-!yO." - Ukank.IIïxd k Co., Buffalo Dêïfiocrat.. "The Horace Wate Piano? are known asamons the very best We, are enabled to epeak of these Instnimenta with confldenee; frow personal knowledRe nf thetr excellent tone and durable qnalíty." - i?, y. Evangeli. 'We can BpeAk of (lie merite of the Horace Waters pianoB from personal knowledge, aabeing the very finest quali;y." - Chriatian TnUtHgenceri "The Horace Wajtera pianofl are ouïlt of the bot anrt most thor ■ ':c material. We lm e no doubt thatbuyeriican 1" aewoU,perhaps better, at tb is than at any otherhouse n the Dnion." - Advocate, and Journal. Waters' pianos and melodeons challenge com with the finest made any where in the country. " - Home Journal . Waters1 Piano Tortes are of fulT, rieh and even tone, and powerfni -X Y. Musical Rew'ew. "Ouï Monda will flnd at Mr. Waters' store the very ortmentof Mualc and of Planos tobo found in ■ i States, and we nrge our Bonthern and western to rlve bïm a cali they goto New York." - Oraham's Mafiazine. Warehouse 333 Broadway, N. Y. Sab ba t h S ch ooi Bell, 1OO.OOO Issncd In ten Montlia. Tlie unprecotlonted sale of tliis book has induced the publishc-r to adil somt 30 now tuaeMUld bynins tO ts preient Rize, '.vithoi-.i extra chaive, exwpt on the cñoiin elition- Among thtimany bpfiutiful tunes andbymn adiieil may be fciunl: - "1 ought to loTe my mother:" "O PU be a (óod child, indeed J will." Thêêo aad olgnt otbers ; ., a toe Roll.were ming at the Somlny Sclioul AnniverSaryofthi U. ' .'ircliat the Acailcmy f Muhic, with Krent applause The Bell coctaln nerly 200 tunes and fiyinns.and is one of the best cnllecttoiu ewhsood. Price Í10 per buiiJre.I, postase 4c Klcgantly boand, , 25c, $20 per 100 lt ha been inirouuced Into many of tb P "Wie Schools. The e is publiahed In smal] numbers entitlea Anmund Snnday School Music Books, NTos. 1,2, 3, & 4 in order U) accommodate the million; jn-ice $'2 & $3 per hundred No. 5 will soonbe tosned - connnericement of aóother book. Also, Kevivul Music Bookfl, Xo, 1 & -. price tl & $2 100, postage lc. More than 300,000 coiies of the abbve DOOkl ha bren UaiMd the past elghtcen muuths, and the demand is rapiilly ncri-iiiiL. 1'ublished bv HORACE WATERS, Agent, 333 Brvadway,X. T. Publised by Horace Waters No. 333 Broadway, Seiv York Vocal, "Kind Wordscan neverdie;" "The Angels told me so;" "WiMs ol llie Wc-.-t;'1 "Thpaghta of God;'' back mv Mountuin Home;" "Iny nreams;1' "Dandy Cocl; Bobinj" "Tm with tlice still; "Pctnamesy do darllng lik mine:" ■1.-;aiah Jane Lee '"Eter of thee:" "lm leaytagthee in Sorrow;" "Bird of ;" "Home of onr birtb;" "Grave of Kosabel," and 'Wake, lady, wake, ' price 25c e.ich. I-TKrjKTAi..- "Palaee Gnr'len, or Sincrine Rird ,n(; t(SwiDglDg Bohottlsche;" "Mirabel Sehot■ l I . ■ . ; 1 1 : . -. Bak&'K Schottische:" "Piscolomlnl l'olka 35 cents eacb. The abovepiecieahavebeautiful , "Weimer Polka;" "Arabian wiu ory March," the very last; " Doniells Mamrka; ''Rent: inï Polka;" "Crinoline Walt," and "JUncers1 Qua (h-ille'Töc each. "The Kinpiroof Reich's Quadrille;" a new dance, anl "The llibcrnian Quarlrille," 35ceach. Many of these pitees are played by Baker'a celebrated ra wilh jreat applruBe.6i" Mailed free. A largelot of Foreijrii Music at half price. Planos, Melodeons and Organs. Tha ITorace TVators Pianos and Melodeons, for depth, purity of tone an.1 durabllltv, are miMirpassed. Pricp (i v ow Seoottd Hand Pianos and Melodeons fiom $25 to $150. Music and Musical Instructinns ff all kimls.attbe lowest prloes. HOKACK WATERS, Agent. N"n. 833 Broadway! K. Y. Tfstimomals; - "The Tloraee Waters Pianos are known nsnmonï the very b'st.' -KvanftlUl. ■'Wftcan sneak of their meiits from personal knowl?L??."- Cliristian Intt.lufc-nccr. "Kothtngat tn Fair displayed greater eioellenoe -"- Cliurchnan. Waters' Piano and Melo.Jeons hullende eomparison with the finest made anywherein the ooantry." - Home Jnurnal. ' "1!tf Ayer's Cathartío Pilis.


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