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Mortgage Foroclosure. DEFAl'LT HAVINVr BEEN MADE W the con.ütiw of Mortgage AXeouted b? John to WU urn K Miivnii'r.i, tbe 24lh day of Jnly, A. I). 1858, am eco.ded in the J-Uifiter's Ollice n tlie County of Waah fiiaw In J.iU r No. --Í "f MWtgages, at p ge 61, on th ■Jth daj of July, A. I). 18JS(at fiftetn minutes pan! Lve o'clook, P. M.,by wMch default the powtr of sal Ontftined in mid mortgHge becamo ojieraHve, end Do af or proceedlnf btrlag been institatéd at law to recovr lic litbt secure! bv saM moHgage, or aay part thereoi iri'l the sum of two bundrtd anI fort. y dotten auc L'venty-oni' oents, befng nowclaimpd to bc daetbereoa Votice i tberefore berebi giren that the said mortgagi . riU be foroeloted b; a san of the mortgaged pn wit: llLota DumbereIeTD, kvelre, thirteen and ibiir een ia Block.gfxsoutb, range two c n, acconling to lat ot WltUam S. Maynard's Mcond addition In Ant Vrbor," in 'u coqnty,or tome part tberoof, ;t pub c ChoCourt Honae in t-.r city ol Ann Arber n tbethira lay of Nfovember iiaxi , ai nooa. Wil. , MAYHAKi), UortgagM. E. W. UoROAir, Aft'y. )ated, August 8, A. D." 18G0. 74itd STOBE I ftIEW COODS! 'he citiiens of Ann Arbnr, Mich., and vicmit, aro Ínforiucd tii at A. & C LOEB HAVE OPENED A NEW STORE and ctocked it entirclj with NEW G00D3, eniiprialladaptd to the coming seiisun and selected with tbo greatest care. Attlie Cleveland Clothing flousc Will b füunl erorythingdesirable and neccwiary for GENTLEMEN'S ■A7"BA.I , - t the- 3 LOWEST MAEEET PEICES. Aa w# are detcrminelto naake our store popular, and to couvinco the public that ours is tho CHEaPEST STORE I ist .lï1 n M t"Xt": OUR STOCK OF KEADT-MADE CLOTniNG ! Ia made up in tlis IIANDSOMEST MANNEB - OF- LATEST STYLE GOODS! Every attention pand h Cut and Fit ! Whave likeirlne proeured from Örst oUsthouflOs a flu aasortmoot of E ATS, CAPS, Trunks and Carpet Bags, FUEN1SIIING GOODS dbc„ c&c, AU o' whict we oitor at ASTONISIIING LOW PKICES ! LOur faciLities for proouriDg Goodi on The Most Favorable Terms od from ik Best Houscs in tlie East A-HE UNSUEPASSED, cl all w nuk of these who Tftnt goods is to . . CALL AND EXAMINE OÜR STOCK ! mud satisfy themMlvM that we ecll the Cheapest and best Gootfs. A. & C. LOEB, Bonth of th Park, a few donrs vrfst of Cook's Hotel, Iluron Street, Ann Arlior Mich. "C5tf City Cheap Lumber Sash, Doors Blinds, Piaster Paris, Grand fiiver Piaster, Water Lime, Nails of all sises, Glass, Paini and Putty, &c, (èc. , D. DeForest, HAVING increaBcd hit farilitlc lor doiüg business and enl-rged his Ynrd aad !itock,is prepaicd the present aesso, with tbc be ... largest k ti cl est seasoned stoelt everin ttiis mirktt. to sjiti-l'y the reasonable exnectations if all. Oui motto is not to be undorsold tor cash on delivcry I wül not undertattiHofrightcnthe public byaylng that theywill get shaved it they buy elsewhere, for we presume that otherowillsellaslow asthey can afford to. All kinds of Tiinber, Joists, and Scantllng, Piue, Whltewood, Basswood, Hemlock, Planed and Matched Pine, WTiitewood .Uhl'looring.Plancdiridrouirh IMneand Whitewood sidin)(,Fenci PoU, Oak and Cedar Posts and l'icket of all kindf. Pint f atlj, anïi ttll}iteu)0oïi %. -fl Ptne, Ashani Wbitewood Shlnglet, Buril Boards and Barn Floor Plank, BlaekW-ut,andCherry and thin stuft', Wagon and 3UGGY AXLES and TONGUEö, KoKnd Body Lumber, Maple LogTimber, Hickory, Oak, Ash, Sim, Beech, Of alUhickneaaes.widtha aüdlenjithB.&c.. &c. , Piaster Paris, and Piaster ofallklnda. XVTaïla of all slree, c, 4c., HASJT, DOORS, & BL1NDS, msde by hand tooide r as lowas factory price, on the shortestnotice bythe beitol workmen, and Best Seasoned Lumber. Bills olail dencription in the aboTe building line furni6hedonthí hortcJtof notlce, for We have Mills Cutting Regularly. A ful! anda perlect aanortment of the above and otberkindi ol I5uilding Materials Comstantly onhand althi lowestpossible rates Cali and be Convinced. A few rods southfrom R. R. Depot on Detroit Street, Ann Arbor, Mich. ROOFINfi, . N.B.- I am now operating Extensivoly in the Patent Cement Roofliig. Ann Arbor Marble Woris. Bisele & Vander uook, TT AVE on band a fio asiorüneat of American od ITALIA N MKRBLE wliicli they are prppared to manufaoturö into MONUMENTS. MEAD STONES, TOMB TABLES, TABLE TOPS bc, bc, Ssc, tc, in all their viirietie, and !n a WORKMAN'LIKE manner. Having had considerable experience d the busmesï they (lattcr therasclves that thcy will bo ablo to picase all who may favor them with thoir ordere. Their pricci are as LOW AS THE LOWEST, Those wishlns; any thins in their !ne are P!g UJ ia 'ited to cali EISfcLE 4: TANDLKCOOk. 'n. Arhi.r.Sept. 28,18S0. 7fi'r1 Ayer's Cherry Peotoral, ELECTION NOTTCK. Saacirr'a Omci, Aan Arboc, Hapt 20, IS. ƒ To tut Electora of the County of Waihtenaw: You are het eby notified tbat mt the Ueneral Ree tl on to ! beheld on tbr Tuerlay next succeeding the flnt Monday I ; of Novfinbrr next, in the Stateof Michigan, th. foUowing ï ! eïfieem are to I elected, riz: I fcix I. lectors ot President and Tice President of the : ted StAtM, a Oeñrnor, Lieutemint tiovernor, Auditor I General, Secreta ry ot Mate, State Tr#aiurer, Cutuminsioner of tho State Land Oflice, Attorner General, Superintendent of Public Instruetiuu, a Member of th State Board ! of iLilucation in .lace oí' John R. Kellogg, whoae term of otfee wiU expire Decei dier 31st, 1860, and a i (ivein Congres lorthelst Conjrresaional Jjiitrict, to whicli your County is attached, Also. a Senator tur th 7tu S;:iatorial 1) strit-t. consitting oi tho Cily of Ann Arbor, tlie town-hips of" Superior Salem, Ann Arl or, Bclo, Northfield, Webster, Lima, Uex ter, vtvan, anl I.rndon in tbe ('ountyof Washtenaw. A bib, aSenittnr for tht 8ih Senatorial district, consiitingofthe City "f Ypsilanti, the Townships of Ypillantl Augusta, Titüfield, Vork, I-odl, Saline, Freedom, Bridgeirater, Ëharon, and Mancliester in the Couuty of aw. Also, a Repmsentutive for each ofthe four Repreientativo Diííti íets in tho County of Waahtenaw, uMVn: lt Dütrict-Sa.ltm, Superior, Ypsilanti City, l'ittaQld aii'l Ypsilanti Town, 2d District- Ann Arbor City, Aun Arbor Town, Northflfl'lawl Webstar 3d District - Augusta, York, Saline, Lodi, Rridgewater and Manchester. 4th Dittrict - Freedm, Sharon, Sylraa, Lima, Seio, Dexter.and Lyndou. AUo that the following County fflcers for the Couoty of Washtenaw are to be cleetwd at the same time, towit: One Judge of Probate, one ííberifT, ooe County Clerk, on County Treasiirer, one Register of iHreds, oue Prosecutisg Attorney, one Circuit Court CommisioDert two Coronar, and one County Surveyor. You Are alsu herttby notifica that at sId General F.lectiouan amendment to the Constitution conceruiny Banking Corporations, provided fur by Jointltesolution No. 11, approreUKeb lllb.1869, Also, au amendment to Sectio Two, Art iel Eighteen, of tho Conatituüon, relatire to the action of Commissionrs of High wars, prorided for bjr Joint Keaolutioa No. 14, approTjM February VI, 1859; Also, an arnendment to 'he Oonfititutïon in respect to thf Sessiona of the Legislatura, provided for by by Joint Resolation Mfi. IS, approïed February 14, 1859; Will be submitted to tho electora of tbis State for tbeir adoption or rejection. in pureuance of the reqsir meota of he Coustitutionand of sail reeolutions renpectively. T.F. LKOXAUIJ, Sheriff. _ Mortgage Foreclosure. WHKRKAS deTaulïhas been made in the parment of a certain sum of moncy, secured to be paid by a cwtafn Iudenture of Mortgage, bearinif date the tirenty-fiflh day of April, A I). 1865, executed by Hcnry J. Miilerand wifr tOicviH. Hay nes, and recorded in the ofüceofth Register (if Deeda in tlio Coonty of Washtcnaw and stat of Michigan on the twenty-fourth day of May of sail year, in Liber 21 of Moitgagen on folio 52.t, and whereai aid Mortgage wan duly assigned to me on the sixth daj of September, A. 1855, by the aid Levi H Hnynest whifih said assignment was duly recorded in the office nf the Hegistor of Dcerts ín the County of Washtenaw afor said, the lath day of Sptembr, D , 1860, in liber 21 of IfortgSffMOn folio 50; and whercas, there is now dut and unpaid apon fjatd t'ie sum of thre hundred aud nïnety three dollars and forty-thre cents ($393,43) ; and no snit or proceeding at law or in equity havinj been instituted to recover tho Ranit. or any parffthereof; Now, therefore, notice is hereby givn. that by rirtu of a power of salo in safó tfortgaga contained, on Saturdaj the ]5th day of Doccinber next, at twelveo'clock, M , at the front (outer) door of the County Court Houho, ia th City of Ana Arbor, CWnty and State aforesaid, (the said Court House being the place if holding the Circuit Court ín and for said County of Wavhtcnaw), ï shall sellat public auction, to the highest bidder, the fiaid Mortgagtd premisfs, or eo rauch thereof as nhall be nectssary to pay Sflííí amount due, together with interest from thia date, and the cost and expendes of sale , allovred by law. ■aid premisos being deicribed as follows, to-wit: Alt ihai certain tract or parcel of land situated n the Tillan of ?allne, County and .state aforesaid, lying and being in ■eotion Dumber three (3) u laiddownin the Village plat of said Village, beini? in Township number four (4) south of range number üVe (5) cast and boundel as followi: beginning on The wesferij line of the Ann Arbor or Adrián street one hundred and fifty-fiTe feet soutberly froj where it is intorsecteri with th Chicago road, running thencc fiiiutlierlyalong the wenterly line of Ann Arbor or Adrián Btrtei five rods and ten feet, thence westerly parallel with Chicago road twelve roda, thence northorly parïlll with Adrián sí reet five roija and ten feet, thenc easter y anillel with the Chicago road twtlve rodt to th place of bfginning. C. VaX UUSAN, A.uigae, W. A. Mnnjrn, Att'y for AssigDee. itated,Sept. 14, 1860. Mortgage Foreclosure. TEFAÜLT IIAVING líEK.V MaHK in the condition f U mortgage executed by Samuel W. Fostor to Josept w Saymour, duted Kebruary righteenth, A. D 1839 and recorded m the Register's office in the County oi oaw, in Liber No. 7 if MortgagM, t page 448, t the&thday of Uarob A. IX 1889, at flfty minutes pas 4 o'clock ['. M., audby said Seymour aigned to Ntl son H. Wing, pnl thirteenth, A. Ü, 1839, by deed r oorjied June eighteeoth A. J. 1860, at one o'clock P M., innaid Ubor 7, at p:igo 419, by which default thi power of Hale contained in said Mortuag beo irae optra tive, and no bqM or proceding having been inetitutedat law to recover the -ebt sec u red by naid inortgage or anj part thereof, and the $um of thirty-four hundred anc fljty ix dollars being now claimed to be due thereon.- Xotice is therefore hereby given that the taid mortgag' wiil be forecloscd by a nale of the mortgaged premiaes to wit: All that certain tnict or parcef of land knor and detcrioodajj so mach of the Nurth Eat fmotion oí ■ectíonnine, in the TowHship of Scio, In aid County. :is Uw resi of tbe vUlage of Seto, and west from land the date of said Mortgage by Rnfun Crossmat and Oraon Quacktinbush , (exceptÍDg one hajf aert of land deeded to Moses Wal lace, January fourteenth, A. A. 1839. and one half acre of land where there ar sereiaUruvps. nnd aUo iho rihta of fl o ing Jaud whieb had then oaen deeded to Oon QaMkenbwin and Rufu it;:ui, by Joseph W-Sevmowaad Samuel W. FoRter.J a ad qleo th Kaht part of the South-West quarterof th Souih-Wfsi quarter of soctiou three, in thfl Township aforesaid, contamfng aboul seTenteeo acres, iying tant iium and ad id then onned by Tbomu Hnkvn. Alw tota one Blocb wjjn that part of the YïlUeof Sclo, Kurrejcd by b V. Koster, in April A. D18:5. nn] recorded :n Uie Regltrrfl office i lid county, orsomt part thereof at public vendue t the Court Boóae ;n the City of Ann Arbor, on the Lluid da f Ktvcmbernext, at aoon, NELflÖN B. WIN6, Am1bn. E. W. Mobgjx, Att. ï Datcd, August 7 á. p. 18C0. Mnrebal'8 Balo BY VIKTUK OF A WlïIT of fleri fadaJ iaiuM oat .f and under tlie xea! of th Circuit Ccurt of tht Unit State-i fnr the Düttict ot Michigan, dated on tht thir teenth Oay of February, A ]., 1860, to me direeted and delivered igainat tlu-goodsiiijf] chaitN, land and tena mentí of John i) Kieí', I didon tiit Iwenty-tbird dar of February, A. I., 1860, (hj my then deputj Albert Willianw,) duly levy upon all the right, titls and mteiest af the aaid John D. Klef. in and to the following described landnnd tenement&to wit: The south % ofnorth-east WofsecttonNo. 2; also all the land lying north of the Villagecf Manchester on the south X f ection 2, (ra■erring a lot sold to ïïiirnabax Case); also wast )á of sou weflt X, Bcetioa 2: also north-east X of southeast X aiidsouth east X of north-eaht X; alo 3 acre ofl the eat hide of the north-west of eouth-east K' also lu acres ofF the eaat side of south-wert VofDorth' east % of section 3, town 4 south rango 8 east. Also all that piece or parcel oí land in the lownsnïp of Mancheater being the eaftt40 ncres of the north part of the north east fractional J{ of Sectin3, commencing on the n-rth line of said section at a point 31 chains 37 links from the north-east corner of said section, running theoce west on said section line 28 chaint and ó"7 links to the north west comer oí the norïh east X, f the northwest % of -said section, thenco outherW oa the quaiter line to the south-west corner of thenorth-east W of the north-west ü of iald section, thencn eastarlr 28 chains and S71ink8 parallel with the aid section "line to th Kouth-witcornerof land asaigned to and belonging to IirMxzoMiggins, thence northerty on the west line ot said Higgins' land to the place of beginning, ineluding also the right of way in an eitsterly and westetly direction acrosssHid Higgins' land; rcserving the right vfwayln an caterly and wcsterly direction acroas the said 40 acres in township4, south of range 3 oast Also bloeki Xo. 1,6,7,8,9, 15,18. 19, 23, 24, 25, 26, 37, '8, 29, W, 31, 35, and 34; aleo lot Xo 1 in block No. 3 lot No. Í and wrt %. of lot tí In block 6; also lots No. 2 8, 8 0 11, 12,13, 14.15 in block 11 (exceptfrom tbe above Aacription alï lands deeded to the Michigan Souther amd Xorthern Indiana R.iil Koad Co. for Depot groundl and also lot No. 5 in block '24, and lot 12 in block 12 ownd by S. R. spencer); also lots 3. 6, 9, 12, and west % of lot 5 in block 12; lots 4, 5, and 0 ia block No. 22 (except that deeded lo Willia Baxter) ; al?o block Xo. 16 (except lots No. 1, 2 and 4.) all i ii tho YÜlage of Manchester; also a part Qfamvt H of north-east }L of section Xo. 11, in Town 4 outh range S east hepinningat norih-west corner of said lot, thenoa north 59 degrees east 3 chains and 97 links to a sUke ia north-ve-t boundary of latid owned by sts8rs. Carr and Frecman, thence alongthe name south 51 degrees and 30 minutes west 2 chains and ü9 liuks to a stake in th middíe of tho Territorial Road, thence along the name, north 62 degrees and oO minutes west 2 chains and 7 links t the place of beginning containing 38100 aciesoflandalso lots Xo. 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 and J5in block Xo. 18 o the Vülageof Manchester; alio block No. 19 and lot Ne-. 8 in block 18 in Manchester; also bezinning at acertáis ftake on tho west bank of the river Raisin and on the eait sidp of blück Xü 20 in the villaje of Manchester, thenoa south 51 drgrees 30 minutes west to a Rtakc in a'line betveen blocka W and SO in sald villaje, thence along said line north 20 degrees 30 minutes to the River aforesaid, thtnee along said River to the place of beginn-np, coataining o'fnnncre. Which said described land'a and tcnemonts by vïrtae of the said levy and in obedienca to the commands of said writ oí Fieri Facias 1 shall expoae for sale at public auction to the higheat biddar on the thirtoenth day of November next, at 12 o'clook at noo (if lli;it day, at the front dooi of the Court House in the citv of Ann Arboi in the Cuunty of Washtenaw, aad District and State of Michigan. JOHNS. BAGG.U 8. Marshal. By Willum I'eckixs, Jr., Deputy b. Martaal. Iated,Sept. 14, 1800. _____ Mortgage Sale. TtF-FAUIT haring hen made in the eondition of a 1 Mortgage executed by Bolser Christner atod Catharine Christner to Lu t her James, datad July twenty-sixth A. n 185?, and recorded in the Register's Office in Washlenaw County, in Liber 24 of Mortgares, at pace 668, July ttth.'A. I. 1858, at half past eren o'ctook, A. M., bywbich cfault tbe power of sale contained in Faid mortgage became ope rative, and no suit nr proceadiug haring; been instituted at law to recover the debt secure! Ivy Püid mortgage, or any part thereof, aod the sum of Two Hundred aud Kight Dollars being now claimeii to be duftthorojn. Nolice i therefure hereby giren that the snid luortgsge will be for?clOM?d lya sale of the mortgaged premisos, viz: Commencingat the south-west corner of lot Xo. tweuty four in block No. six in the viÜRge of CheUea, County of Washteuaw and State of Michigan, and ranning th&uce north twenty degrees west eightfdn rois. thenc north serentj tiegrres east four rMs, thence south tweuty degn-es east eightean rods, theaoefieuth aeveatjr degrets west four rods, ei some part thereof at public vendue at the Court Heus in the city of Ann Arbor on the 15th day of Daoember next at noon. LUTIIEri JAMES, Mortgagee. E. W. MoRGAir, AttT. Dated, yptoraber2Oth, A. D. 1800. 766W Mortgage Foreclosure. TVKFACLT havimj been made in the condition of a 1 Mort cajee executed by Patrtek Sulliran and Joanna SullÍTan lo Luther James, dated April eighth. A. D. 18&8, aud recorded n the Register's Office in Washtenaw County, in Liber '-4 of Mortgages, at page 422, April 9th A'. D. ISAS, at hftïf pust three o'clock, P. il.t by which dofult the power of salo contained in said mortftnsrv botanie operative, andno suit or proceeding having bet-n inatttUtM at law to recorer the debt securedby said mnrtgjige ot any part thereof, and the sum of one hundred aud twenty ono dollars boiug now claimed to be due therfon and furthor sums to become due; Notice ia therefore heroby given that said mortgage will be foraclosed by a sale of the mortgaged premises, to-wit: Th sonth-wost quarter f the uorth-east quarter, and th south-caüt quarter of the north-west quarter of section Xo. even, andthe south-east ten acre, of the south-eaBt quarter of the north-east quarter of section Xo. ninet extnding sorrnty rods east and went, and north nnd pouth far enough to contain ten acres, all in township No. oiio ftouth of range Rve east, being n Webster, in th County of Wakhtenaw, and State of Michigan, or iome part thereof, at public ver.due, at the Court House in th city of Ana Arbur on tho lMh day of December neit at LUTUER JA1ÍEB, Mortgsgee. 'Dated, 8pt.' 20th A. P. 18. TW4


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