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The Michigan Argus

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■ PUnl IfHED B'v KiidíT Moe.vixí, in tboThird Story rf lh. Brick Block, corner of Main auil Hurón Strwt. Ann Arbor, Washtenaw Co., Michigan, Entrnci on Hurón Street, oppoiite the FrenUin. 3E - H TJ B , POND Editor and Publislier. TK.HMS, $1,O A 1E1H IN ADVANCE. ADVF.RTISIKG. On square (12 lines or less) one week, 6U cents; and Si oents for every in-sertion there.after, lcss tlian tbrei )nequarSniontU! ..$3 Quarter col. 1 jsar .' 0n do 6 do .... 6 HIf col'inn 6 mos 18 lo 1 yrair 8 Half ! 1 JW"1 rmM'rtiíiM Slüne do 6 mo rf5 rro do lynr 12 Oue do 1 yrar bO MlíreottoM will Lo poblW-ed un.,1 .rdcrl out, .nd charged n5COTdingly Legal tdnriMMtai 6rt n!rt!on, W cenf. per ffhè'n Z,,ñi added toan adrerU-emeni the hole will beobrg) tlie snme ns for Bral Inwrtlon. job r-xtiisiTiisra-. r'wniplilets, Haud-bili-, ('imi .ar. Oardn, Bul) Tickets, aá tLer rarietws ol Plmn ■mi l'aiuv Job l'vint ■nir. jxt'cuied ilítprvmpmre. id in the BWT iTVU. I!O( K BlN DG, Conuccted with the Office ia a Book Btiwlflry in cliarg if a ièaapfftesi trorksas. Coanty RecoHt, íourntkj ndllkinda oí l'lunk B (Aï marte to nrdr, tnd of the best .'bock, PamphlotK ánd Periudie la bound m a ncjit and dn Htble matwfcer, M DetÍ1 prices EnLf aari to Hinderv türongti lRi;i !


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