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To The Prince Of Wales

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O Prineeof VVul.a! UnlvBS my juitiíiiiMil, fuils, You'ye found your roe l I ravsl rftt ner dreary; I don'l erpót an nugWer 10 the qn ■■ - But aren't yon Kctriní wearyt Wrorvcf Bi hos, and Balis and gtand Addrew Weryof iútiiry nni thcir in eso? [ésí W eiiry f adula imi nnd oareews? Weory oí ehouts flrom thp (i3mirng massi-e? Weftrj of wurhip iVom tne upp'-r clnssus? Wtftry of lioi'se ij" r ano aases? 01 cou'se 'twiiB kindly mcant - But don't yu now rcpcnt Your iouil consent That ypa shottld be, TI) 3 sal.' t be sta. The "BritUli Lion' whicü you represent t Pry leTe yowroity rourí hts se : i lu-ircipi-rs; Ana (jome to us, we've no pictoriul papen; And no Sporters to di -inri your nose; Of marte lie nwkwjnl oarri (fe of oiir toes; YoqrtTl f Beiti)f, and suo'i tbings 'iOr maaner still,in Dt-moerntio gpite [thoae; Miaaure jour Royul by your biglit! Then come to us' ot 'he s rt o! folk to m:ike a fuss E', n lor the President- but, t hen niy boy, A e [liuniply proDiifle you a ep-eial joy, 10 Princ rar ly known. (And one you'll neYer find about a throne) lo wit. the Ulisa of being let alone. ! No ci''ii ifii boreg from sumí ; No noisy guns nor tedioua te dmms, Shüll vex your Roval Hihinss tor a minute; A gla-s of lemonaáe. with "soinetliing in it," A fragrant mtersohaum, with the nj rning Or eweei Virginia 'fine out" - if you chtwt - Tlie-e and wliat else your highness muy denia d Ol simple luxury. shall be at hand, And at your royal service Come; O come wlu-re you ma gain (What advertisers have soiight invain) The conifort of a home 1" C'irae ol WaK-s ! - wr greaily need Your royal preeeno Sir - we do indeed, For wh í - we have a pretiy hamlet here, But tbi'ii, you si'e, 'lis equally as olear {Y"W Highní-ss underranda Shakaperean liint s) A Hamet ísn't much wi hout a Prinee.'


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