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To Improve Cider And Keep It Sweet

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I ios (sound and select lniit is to be prof'erru'!,) fernient Iroin ne to rhree week, as ihe weatlier is warrn o1 cool. Whea it has attuined to livelv íermentation, add to each gallón, according to its acidity, f rom half a pound to two pounds of white crushed silgar, und let the whole ferment until it pussesses procidely the tante whieh it is Jesired hould be permanent. In this condition, ponr nut ü i.uurt of cidr, and add tor each gallon one quartur oí anounce of sulpliite of lime, known aa an artio'e of rnanuíacture under the name ui "anti chloride ot lime." Stir the povvdur and eider until intimately tnixel and return the eraulsi m to the fermenting: liqnid. Agiote briskly and thopoughly for a few moments, and thon let the eider tíettle. 'l'ho fermentation wil] eease at once When, after v lew d .ys, the eider has become clear, draw off and bottle carefully, or reraove the sediment and return to the origina) veasel. If loosly corked, or kept in a barrel on dniuglr, it vv i 1 ! retain í tt tante as astill eider. If presorved in bottles, sarefully corked, which is bt)t,er, it will become u parkliñg eider, and may be keptiadeSaitely long1. E3F" Ál a recent festive meeting, a married man, who uught to nave known better, proposed, 'the Jadíes," ae "the beingB who divida our sorrows, doubie our juys. aiíd treble out expeoseá." w-iiii un JL2E" It is !ess painí'ul to leurn i'n youth than tobe ignrirant o ckl


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