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A Cold

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Cciiigh, in a uold, is nature s uffjrt to rejöüt ln:ii üiü Iuuri what does not propriy beloaft there; prec.seiy as vvucii i isruiuo 'gnus tliu wrong way," uiat Í8, lulu tüe riodpipa i nut ad of tbe ntuiriioli In eacb caHertpiumdiiniDisti es the eoi.t-ibility ol the parta ■ that thev d: uot lael the preaenoa ot theuffeudnig partióles, and nature is cheu ieü Ay o. ie uiii ?ua hat böt;auü a dowa 1 niorpliine quiats til üougfa ínm a cnnnb in thü wiidiipü, it d'oon not " cure, ' il does nut briiifx it away. Must precmely bo is it with phlegna in tne luiigs; it baa thu ttlect to keep it ttwre Ui acuuiiiulatö, juso na walor doa.s in the BDUU.t ut u pump, vheu littla boys cIiibh ttia inoath of it with Cheir hands, pumping all thü time. Heru tha (joinpurisiin end. However tong the water is kept iu, it is water still. Not ao with phlcgiu in ihe lungs; everyintant it is kept there, tht heat öf. thu narts büing a huudred aegrem of Fahrenhait, it evapórate?, beooraw óm watery, aud ot onseíjuence, innrü cough, harder to dtslodge, ifioreasing n bulk by accumulations wbioh also grow tbick by eTaporation, uutil 'the [lipes'' are plugged up with tough phlegfn o tbat tbe air passes it wiih iaereawDg ditfiüuhy, and tho patiënt wheezes lika ao asihinatio; the langs labor íoarfully for braath, tney caunot get nough air, heno thí blood beoomes impura and thick, a. d is tliis coüditlon goea to thu heart, wbiob labors U eend it through ttie body, butjeuonwt whully empty ïtseli at eauh Deat, s 8 na ural ; and the blood r-till pouiing into it IVoin the lungs, it get prcteniaturally full, hüice its tibie are relaxed and theu distended,; , his is "enlargement ot the haart." For a while nature strugglus to reliüTe herse'f of this surplus, until the laboring hart has expended all its trongth ia the vain eliort, uutil it cannot ivo another beat, and suöocation is the in siaiitannous rosult. Many a mao, befor now, has been literaliy "killed wiih kiudness." No Bfoner does a man show that he has a cold, than adviue is protruded i the gübbest luanner poásíüle by very second friead he meete. Let the reader uover giva or taka adviue, even in bo siropla ti tMng as a commo'n cold. Iet counsel coma in all cases lro;n corr.rriousense or a physieian. jL5gr" Wk are the proat eonquoror. ol trio world? FushH?, Lo'e aod PWttttL


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