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The Quaker And The Bully

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A gonuine bully dU'lled upon a "Friencf" v wellv t thrash h i ■ n . "Fri.'uJ," remonstfated tho Q i iker, ting ásTda hia yMtór's tiats, ''before tbou prooefidksst to otpstise, tn, wilt thon take some cllnner Y' The b'ülty was a gkit'on, anJ ttonce consfenteá, washïng down t.ha ki1í,Is with stroag ule. He roea i.p again to fulfill hís original orrund "Pi-iend." s-tid tho Qunkér, ".wilt thoa Dot take sonie pnach ?' And ba BimpJmd ahundaiic ai pu'ii'!]. Tho bu!ly now st:igy;erÍ4ttj, atternpted to thrash iiis eñtertaiar ; but q-iotli the Qiukor: VFwead, wik thoauot take i pipe 'r ' This ho.-pitable 'fifer w aoaa and the buily, uttrly weak, stoMwed ncross the rooai to ohastipo tho Quaker The latter opening tho door n Ii'üti towurdsit, bhus addrtjssd hi.'ii: ■'Friond, thou cumest hará no' t" be p:u'.ified. I ?T9 thea a meat lifiaring, but that did out ttyigS thy -raga ' J gave tlieo a drink oflering, still thou wci-í baside thjeelf ; I gave thee burnt oSFerin', nciüiHi1 did that auffiue ; novv I will try the? with u ífjni)g." And with that he t -ji ..n out of door. TfantsnffiiMid hiña,


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