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Construction Of Cider Filters

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Takq a squ&rBor round wriodn Mx mude of one-inch pine pTfipk, wcti braoed, breo íeái, n diametür and ono fout tour iauhüs deep. Mako ít with ;i bo'.íou [yetfofated with numeroua bmsqailVtel'-jncli íki-ílt lióle-, over vrtrich sliould bí Uid cnnrae heiirp bfp.1, ijï N'íiw fil] in the box for eight i'irhe-, with piucas of, charqoal (animal criar the bet.t, but !t is expensiv,) aboat nut s:ze, and on tlie toi (f thií place a ftHir-moh layer nf clcafl washed saud, and cover ail with a coaratí lierrfp ■id poa havo Á chenp nnd filtur, Any nnnflier of KTich fllterá iiay be used, according to tho qiüinti; v of ctdtjr to be oerated apon, ahd tho top cloth can ho fréqneñfly wastied, without disttubirig tliu Knd üü'Í cbarcoaf, Baíore running önd eider tlnouï'i!, p'iss a Btream of chAir water juro the filter f?r fiftëon lüii.utc-, so tts tü removo any tiut) lot)83 particle of tha oharcoai that otherwi-e wou! el bu niixoJ with the eider. - Sacntjic American. íjíF Thu rose lias r.s tho;-ns, the diamond its especies and the best aran bis flF The late Efiz. Atgell, of 1-, ■,-;. denco, ioft óharitttbfe buqueitó to the amoimt oí SlöO 000, iiivealihjj Dru, W'ayland, Cafiwell, iinïl Oranger, vríth the txuritrêship.oi iif ñiml. ; wag af a saúilar. 'O!i yea, a!l Uinds,' w.ia tlio ropíy. 'Woü, :haa, l'!l tako ii trútthig i'.iatch. Tlie retaliar imteedirttölj1 bouiJed hi:u a boj of ünrniir' tli "a püis, 13" W'e do i't. t.vnv cxKctly v.luit Ihe 'I:Jigut of ambifi'in1 i, hut we have sco) fussy little ipetíióens of it., uót morö ymj fi foet higS.


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