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Lord Brougham On The American Union

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Thut veteran cliampion of emanoipatioi Lord Brougham, looks sghast at the raadne?s of thoae abolitionists who ure precipitatiug tlie country into civil war. His words of adtnouition t-hould not be liisf upou tho Araorican peoplo. We quote trom the National Intel 'ligenctm "Lnrd Brougham, in a rocent address before the Bntish Social Science Association, although he stül entertains his aiiti-slavery views, and comments aooordingly, U teforring to the slavery oestion in tba United States, ?nd its probable effocts, said that a di?olution of tiie Union would be 'ono of tha greatat enlamities that could Lappen to America and to the world; to Araurica, as ending. if it did not begin, ia ciril war; to the world, ns sha'sing the credit of all pipu lar government Another calaniity is far from unlikely to bo causod by tho conflict the liberation of ilie slavos by ineurrection; a consummation to bo depreoated, as nmcli fcir thomselves as tbr thcir masters.' He coimladed this part of his subject as follows: " íVe inut contémplate wiih horror the f.tte of the negroes from the worst of lis, civil war in its worst fonn, civil war in the slavu States; and must regard as bereft of all claim to be rankod apiong men wlioever couUl frota party zeal or perverse viuws of porsonal advuntagp, end theinselvjs to measuroa by b;ire possibility leading to such hideous scones. Ai uu'lnw with 'in. kin r h'iiit i' h - fr ubtic rle er private c:ir- wm t-h Tho -an ilclighi in o;vil war. Wbi'K' lul iJ ii ui'iler. nrd whoie horrid j)", To tenr tii ooanlrv anü lii. ki'i.l da.-troy. -[[liad.ix 3. " 'Bat let us devoutly hope that no such fato impends over our khismen in the New World - that ♦heir great sehomfi of social policy will reinain a blessing to to all classes, master and slave ' "


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