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National Democratic Ticket

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That is tö ay w are routed, ''horse foot, and drngoon," eleoting only our candidato for p.epresoitatird in ihe Fourth district, Ch.lRlïs S. Gregoeï, by about 125, iind ourcandidate for Surveyor without oppotition. Wo haveu't received the returns aud cannot givo tlio majorities on tbo several candidatos, but our Rupubliean friends olaini 600 on President, 700 on Congres, and from 200 to 800 on their Couuty ticket. Pretty big figures, but then Uh tittory was boujht and paidfor, and we would not ba ungenerou onougb to attcmpt a reduction of tnajfiritics, not we. Let tbcrn enjoy it, with the 'spoils"it brings. So muoli for the pulitical tatu3 of the Deinocraey of Washtenaw County. Per sonally,fiíi the Hoosiur said ii attempting to quote tho dying languago of onc of out groat statesineii, whom lio respcctfully spoko of as "that feller that died the othor day," personally, we say, ''we airit deadytt." VVfa stand just a many inches in our booti, cat just as mucb at dinner time, and sleep just as well " 'o nigiits " And, no preveuting Providente, we propois to continuo in thê "eujoynicnt of the same blcings"' until the Tiotoiy the Republicans liave gained shall prove a bootless viotory. tbo patriotic masses of the eountry return to their first love and roinstate the Democracy in powor. So moto it be.


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