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For the tifor'uiatiüii of tb ose of our readers who do not tako tliu tinjh paper vrbicb tho Board of Sitpervi.ors designntcd topublish ita prooodiag we give tho table of assossed and equulizod valuation: Ave-wd. Fqnalizcil. Augusta, 179,743 180,000 Anií Arbor Town, 518,520 534,000 Anii Arbor Citv Ist and 2d W.irds, 014,895 550,000 Ann Arbnr Citv 3d ai.d -Ith Wardi, 429,780 400,000 DridgoTvater, 86,9I6 384,000 Dêiter, 232,547 238,000 Frcodom, 271,417 2(32,00:) Liran, 3 10.340 31(1,000 Lodi, 46(1,130 427,000 Lyudon, 160,538 157,000 Maiiclu'stsr, 355,600 305,000 Noithfield, 339,745 823,000 Pittsfiald, 47(5 060 460,000 Salem, 400,721 414,000 Sci, 571,7.0ti 534,000 Superior, 401,570 422,000 Saline, 527,9iO 520 000 Sylvan, 285,675 278,000 Sharcra, 321,215 300.000 Webster, 350,320 843,000 Vork, 403,360 3S8.000 Ypsilanti Town. 458.40 Í 447,000 ypsilanii City Ist, 2d and 3d Wards, 511,936 470,000 Ypsilanti City 4th and 5th Wards, 28S,6tO 239.000 Toul, - 9,275,404 8,9(KU)00 When the proceediugs ar'p concluded wo ill als) give ft statement of the State and County taxcs apportttïnod to the severul Uiliea and Townships RST Delaware has gono foV BrockinriJgo, but the República!) tor People's party hnve elected tli.e ïncmbr of Co:igross by about 350;inajority Just as might havo been expeeted. Tlie Adininstration faotioa and t!io RepabUoand have played into cach otlior's hards throughout the country. Z'iLr Jjïkrly, tho torger of the PLi adclphia clcction returns, by whicli a Ilcpubüoan was to be foisted iuto Congress, ha been sentenccd to serve the people two nnd a half ycar? iu the peniteutiary a;id pay a tino of 300. J O;:r fi'iond ft' the Journal who has so lohg rjo!oetj ia tho tit'e ot "statiéiics'' haa had o new titlo conferred npon i)i:n, a Iii-'h w tnust be pennitteil to sny ia nat so appropriata ua the old one. A cccorfl .sue of ths Detroit AAtxrtiur. haa labeled him "Col. Sea man." Ii it had beed glven a liulu earlier in tho oanipaig.'i, tho 'Col." would havo isaued' regular military orders through the Journal. fSF So far aa heard iVoin, we, the Democracy liave elocted two Senators, one ii) tbc Upper Península, and one in Waynfl Co., just enough to make a motion and pceond it. In the House wo mny have six members. ïïo "drop tbe subject." The mnjority íor Granoek n this dtr-trict is about 1500. Trowbkidge's (najority in the 4t!i district ;3 ostiinated at SfjOO, and usyot no ono bus uttempted to figaro up the m:jovities for Beaman and Kellogg. "Let. the Eagjo scroam." C" TIio official oanvuss wül bc ho!d on Taesdaj next, and in our next issuo wc i-!:H bo Mq ta give tho exact niajoriiic in tho Coúnty . ,


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