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Wccopytbe fjlowuig -ratui-ns rrom i!io Ado3rtisir, aodlfoï' faal a bit disposed to cali tliwa ia qaeitio jor .l'iggle about mtjoriiies. Wü ure glorio.isly wbippod, aoyhow, t!ia "sqOaalmg of tlic uigger" luis do;ia it. for as, and what's the uso of whittliiig down tbo figures: Suiawassec Cj - All bat u-o towns, Lincoln maj 482. TM f.vo fcöwas mll probably increaso liis uvy. to 500. Ottawa - 'f hu indiuations ure that this county hasgoneKepublioaij hy abaut 100 mij. Notliing rooeived from a:iy adjoiniog eoumies. Oass Co. - Entiro Lincoln ticket, 450 maj. Kilamazoo Co. complete, givcs Lincoln 120Ü maj. Van Buren Co. - 12 towns give Lincoln 774 maj Fivo towns to hear from will ncreusii it 10 900 Jackson Co. complete. - Lincoln 780 maj ; Granger, 740 maj ; Blair, 070 innj. Wholw RepubjiOhn ticket, elcctcd. Calhoun Co.--Rv'publioan maj. 150") Oakland Co. complete - Lincoln, (i00 maj Balance of ticket fr.nn 40 ] to 500 'maj. Indepeudenco, Lincoln, 75 maj.; Waterford, 40 Doaglas maj.; Groveland, 40 Lincoln maj ; Jirandon, 9 Liucoln mnj. Kent. Co.- Grand Rapirls city and 18 townggive Linola, '2502; Douglas, 149S; the reiuaining towna will inurease Jjincoln's ïiüij. to 1200. A.Terago of Couuty and Stute ticket, about 1000. Geuesce Co. - Official, except. ono Republioau town to hear from. Lincoln, 880 raaj. State t ckot about. 857; Con greas, 814. Both llepresontativc and ! entire county ticket elected by a large majority. Saginaw Co. - East Raginaw, Imcoln, 192 mnj.; Congress, 198 maj. Saginaw City about 40 Democratie maj. Bervitm Co complete. - Nor.thern District gives the' National State and county i tickets 130 Republican maj.. cxeept A H. Morrison mío has 5 nuij. ilic whole cuunty ticket 200 Republiean majority. ! Lapecr Co - 500 Kepüblican majority, sure. Monroc Co. - Monroc city, 7 Rcpnbliean nwj. Largo gain orcr 1856. County givi-s a ÍLepubUcan maj. oí' 125, a sraall gain. Hillsdalo Co - Majoriiy for Lincoln, 2,056. State ticket a littie bchind. Wayno Co. - jMajority for Lincoln nbout 000, for Gnuiger about 500. , publicans eleot thrce Senators, Democratsone, Republicans ciglit E 1 tivcs, Democrais ono, :md tho 1 care their v.liole wunty tielte.


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