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Explosion Of The Mohawk

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lesterday inornmg at four o doek, tho starboard boiler of the scrcw steamer Mohawk, Capt. Harvcy D. Phuatt, explodod, tlie steamer being tben agrouud on the St. Clair Flats. Four uien were killed, viz: Daniel Kiikwood, scoond engitieer; Martin Leeman, Germán, a fiieman; odo otlier firetnen, name unknown, I and I-rector Brookx, a colored man, who was passing woud at the time, were killed outright, aiid one ïnisaing. Caspur Holfe, a firenian. ivas b;dly sealded and bntisad. 1 1 e was ent bj Capt. Plica tt to Algonuo, with i man to tend liiin, and the nquired medical attoiidatice procured News carne daring the dnjr that he could not live, and ere this hu has probably es.piied The Mohawk, bound down with 20,21T buphuls of wbeat shipped at Chicago by St'ir'ip, Kuckingliain & Co , and some lííOü bbls. flour shipped by different partios at. Milwaukcc!, reftobod the Flats at eleven o'i-lotk Tuosday night, and had iiearly pasaed them, when coming to a vussel at anchor aeross the ehannel, she endoavored to pass astern of her, and grounded on the Eastern bank Her eü'ijrts toget oflF ivere continued witliout othcr aid, till half past threb o'clock in the morniiig, when the Ing Kincrald arriviiiv, leut her dssistancc. About a half hour ufterwards the esnlosiou


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